Couples First Swingers Club Experience (And It Was A Good One)

Couples First Swingers Club Experience (And It Was A Good One)

*This is the true story of my wife’s and my first time to a swingers club and our first threesome. This happened very recently.

My wife, Kate, and I are a white couple in our late 20's. I'm a pretty big guy at 6' 290lbs. She's 5'5" 120lbs with perfect b cup breasts. We were high school sweethearts and have been married now for several years. Being that we started dating when we were fifteen years old, neither of us has ever had any form of sex with another person and we have a very healthy sex life. Recently we’ve become more and more kinky and for months, we'd talked about visiting a sex / swingers club to observe and possibly have sex around other couples. We both believed that having semipublic sex and watching others would be a huge turn on for both of us. So, we planned a Saturday night to go!

Over the next few days, we shopped and bought the sexiest outfits we could find. I chose a nice black button down with a white collar, black slacks and black shoes. She chose a very sexy dress that attached in the back by a thread and didn't leave much to the imagination. The partially see through top stopped just below her boobs and the skirt stopped about eight inches above her knee. We now had everything we needed to be on top of our game.

Finally Saturday rolled around and we were both very anxious and nervous about the upcoming night. We had no idea what to expect. We had both read hundreds of experiences from other couples but they varied so much. The stories varied from, "It was the best thing we've ever done" to "He fucked another girl and we're getting a divorce now." Since this was our first time, Kate said she only wanted to observe or possibly have sex together. What we did know is that neither of us wanted the other person to have intercourse with someone else. So that was that, we were ready to go with only that rule.

The club doors opened at 10pm and closed at 4am. We had heard it didn't start to get crowded until 12 or 1 but being our first time; we wanted to arrive early to get acclimated to the surroundings. We got dressed around 9:30 and both looked stunning. She decided to wear the matching panties she'd bought but not a bra, which was for the better I must say. The sheer fabric lay nicely across her breasts and her nipples showed through just slightly. The dress fit skin tight starting right at her pelvic bones and hugging her nice curvy ass all the way around. She was smoking hot!

We left the house at 10 and stopped by the liquor store to get a bottle of wine and whisky since the club is b.y.o.b only. Online reviewers recommended not drinking on the first visit but we thought it would be better to kick a few back to ease our nerves. We arrived to the club at 11 and it appeared to be empty. As nervous as we could be, we entered and payed the gentlemen at the front counter. He asked Lisa, the pretty black girl bartender, to take our alcohol to the bar and to give us the tour. With much anticipation, we took a deep breath and followed Lisa through the door.

Through the door was a well lit room with seating and a dance pole. We continued down the hall where she showed us the private rooms. The lockable rooms were simple and dimly lit. It was wall to wall bed with standing room by the door to get undressed. We both giggled and wondered what all had happened in these rooms as we proceeded to the bar. The bar was in a large room with the DJ, another dance pole and sofas lining the walls. Lisa poured our drinks and continued the tour to the open play area which was basically five beds pushed together but no one was playing. By this point, our nerves had calmed down and we were beginning to enjoy ourselves.

Midway through my first straight whisky, I got the urge for a cigarette. We meandered into the smoking lounge and sat on one of the sofas facing the TV. Black porn was on the big screen. We lit a cigarette, kicked back and watched a 10" black cock pound a girl for a little while. Lisa eventually scurried into the room, realizing we probably didn't want to watch that, and changed it to white porn. Kate reached over and teased my cock through my pants while I rubbed her boobs from under her shirt. We were having fun now!

At about 1 o'clock, the place had begun to fill up nicely. The majority was black but we still didn't feel uncomfortable, maybe because we were both pretty tipsy by then. Kate had become quite friendly and talkative to Lisa, the bartender. She kept complimenting Lisa's ass because it was nice and she was only wearing a thong. Evidently Kate had had enough talking because she walked around the bar and grabbed her bare ass with both hands then slapped it. I could tell Lisa enjoyed it and then she asked for her to slap it harder. She slapped it a lot harder this time but it didn't seem to faze Lisa who seemed to take pride in her pain management. She then reached between Lisa's legs and began rubbing her pussy. I couldn't have been happier, standing at the bar drinking and watching my wife fondle another girl for the first time. My dick was stiff as a board as I watched in disbelief. I noticed we were starting to garner some unwanted attention from the single guys and asked my wife to come play with me for a while.

A group of hot girls had arrived at some point and were walking around in just their underwear, which no one was complaining about. We sat on one of the sofas and watched them dance. Kate again rubbed my dick back and forth through my pants as I watched the sexy girls spin around the poles. It was getting late now and we were ready for a little more action. We walked through the place again but didn't see anyone engaging each other so we headed upstairs to the loft area to get down to business. There was a black couple up there having a little foreplay and we lay down on a bed next to them. I lifted her shirt up and rubbed her boobs for a minute then eased my hand down her skirt and began to massage her pussy around and around. We were enjoying messing around with the other couple so close. A few minutes later, a guy came up the steps and lay in between us and the other couple, trying to get in on some of the action. I couldn't believe the nerve of this guy. We'd already told him earlier in the night that we weren't interested in him. We got up and walked downstairs feeling pretty frustrated. Once downstairs, we stopped by the bar for a refill and Kate, like clockwork, went behind the bar to grab some black ass. This time she insisted I come around and feel how smooth it was. I didn't ask any questions. I walked around the bar and walked up behind Lisa and filled my hands with the smoothest black ass anyone could imagine. I began to rub around and squeeze a few more times before we grabbed our drinks and headed out of the bar. We finished our drinks around 3 o'clock and assumed the night was over for us. We were getting ready to leave and had had a good time but were also very disappointed that nothing else happened.

We agreed to leave and on our way out Kate stopped to try out one of the dance poles. A cute black girl was sitting there by herself watching as she got on the dance platform. Kate grabbed the pole and began twirling around it like she'd been doing it for years. She started grinding the pole and this caught the attention of the watching girl.

"Hi" she said, "my name is Vanessa."

"Come dance with me," Kate responded.

Vanessa got up and walked over to the pole. She was about 5'5" as well but with big black titties and a big round ass. I had to sit down to watch this show. She and Kate began dancing and grinding with the pole between them. Vanessa lifted Kate's shirt and licked her boobs. Then she put her hand up my wife's skirt and began rubbing her pussy. My cock was dripping pre-cum at this point and was so hard I didn't know what to do. They stopped dancing and sat down together and began talking. I couldn't really hear them so I moved a little closer. As I got closer, Vanessa looked at me and said, "I'd like to eat her pussy." I took a deep breath and made sure I heard her right. Was she telling me or asking me? I wasn't sure but I said OK.
“I just want to please her,” she made herself clear that she wasn’t looking for anything in return.

"Where do you y'all want to go?" I asked them.

Vanessa said, "Let’s go to the open beds."

I didn't like this idea. I didn't want to be gawked at by a swarm of men jerking off and suggested we go to the private rooms. They agreed and we all three headed for the room. We entered the room and locked the door behind us.

Was this really happening? I thought to myself. All the years of fantasizing about similar situations, was it seriously going to happen tonight? I sure as hell wasn't going to be the one to stop it. They began undressing and I left the room to go get some sheets for the bed. That was one of the fastest errands I've ever ran and definitely the only time I've ever enjoyed going to get some damn sheets. When I returned to the room, they were undressed and waiting. As they began to lie on the bed, I pretty awkwardly confirmed with Kate that it would be ok for me to get naked.

"Oh yea, take it all off," she said.

I'm pretty confident that I totally undressed in less than five seconds. At this point, my wife was lying on her back with her knees bent and Vanessa had her head buried between her legs licking her pussy. I stood beside them jerking off for a moment. I had completely forgotten about the cock size anxiety that had plagued me the days before the visit here. I'm rather average in that department. It’s about five and a half inches long and is pretty thick. My wife has never complained and cums every time we have sex. This still wasn't reassuring to me, after all, my dick is the only one she’s ever had. I imagined this girl had been with black guys with 9" or 10" pork swords. However, once I pulled it out and she got a good look at it, she seemed pleased and that definitely put my mind at ease.

"Come here and let me suck your cock," Kate moaned.

She was moaning so intensely I hated to interrupt but I knelt down on the bed beside her and she started sucking my cock. Once Vanessa came up for some air, we switched positions to where I was laying on the bed and both of them were beside me.

Vanessa surprisingly ordered Kate, "Start sucking that cock!"

Kate didn't hesitate and was getting eaten out while sucking my dick. We all readjusted positions and wondered what we'd do next.

"I want you to suck his dick now,” my wife told Vanessa.

All of a sudden, all the night's disappointments vanished in that moment. I believe Vanessa had wanted this white cock all along because she didn't think twice about taking my dick all the way in her mouth. She grabbed it first with one hand and stretched the skin all the way down and held it down as she lowered her mouth. A few drops of pre-cum had spurted out while she was holding it and she stuck her tongue out licked all the way around the head to get every drop in her mouth. Then she lowered her mouth all the way down onto my dick and began sucking. As she was sucking me off, I ate my wife's beautiful pink pussy. Kate watched as another woman took her husband's cock into her mouth and watched her husband enjoy every second of it. She obviously couldn't watch that for very long because she got down there with Vanessa and started sucking it with her. They both slid their mouths and tongues up and my rock hard shaft over and over. I readjusted to get a better view of what was happening because had I not seen it, I'm not sure I would've believed it.

"Ohhh yea, suck that fucking dick," Kate yelled.

"You want to fuck that cock," Vanessa asked her. "Get on that dick and fuck it," she said.

Kate got on top of me reverse cowgirl and started fucking my brains out while Vanessa put her head between our legs and licked my balls and her pussy. Kate came almost immediately. She threw her arms in the air and started screaming.

"OHHHHHH FUUCCCKKK! OHHHH GOD! FUCK THAT PUSSY!" She yelled to the top of her lungs as she came all over my dick again and again.

Vanessa was eager to lick and suck any juices that came out of either one of us before it hit the sheets. Earlier she had said she liked licking all of my pre-cum and she wasn't kidding. Once Kate had cum enough to where she was shaking, she got off my cock.

"Can I taste you on his dick?" Vanessa asked Kate.

Kate responded, "Oh yes."

Vanessa again took me all the way into her mouth and sucked all of my wife's pussy juice off my shaft. As she was sucking it again, I reached over and began massaging Vanessa's titties. Once they alternated sucking me, I began to lick Vanessa's big black titties. I soon got up and stood next to the bed.

"Bend that fucking ass over right here," Vanessa ordered my wife.

Kate followed the command but wasn't in the position Vanessa wanted her.

"Get your head down lower and get that pussy up," she said and put her hand on Kate's back to push her down further.

I never stopped fucking that tight pussy. I let them work out the positions amongst themselves. I was the balls of this operation and wasn't trying to over think it by complaining about the positions. Vanessa watched my cock pound that pussy for a while and then reached under us to feel my dick and rub Kate's clit. Once Kate finished cumming again, I could tell her pretty pussy was finished and decided I needed to cum pretty soon. I flipped Kate over onto her back.

"You want to get fucked like this too?" Vanessa asked her.

She grabbed Kate's ankles and held her legs back while I fucked her some more.

"Ohhh, I'm about to cum!" I moaned.

They both got into position as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and began stroking it.

"Shoot cum all over her," Vanessa pleaded.

Kate was lying there, exhausted, just waiting for my cum. I stroked my dick so hard until thick ropes of hot cum squirted all over her face, tits and stomach. I didn't think I'd ever stop cumming. Once my orgasm subsided, Vanessa leaned over and slowly licked the cum off of my wife’s tits.

I took a deep breath and stood there for a moment watching everyone trying to relax. I grabbed a towel and handed it to Kate to clean herself. We all got up and sorted through the clothes pile to determine what we’d been wearing and took our time putting our clothes back on.

"I really enjoyed pleasing you both," Vanessa said.

We thanked her and told her it was amazing. Vanessa unlocked the door and walked out to the left and we walked out to the right towards the club exit and we never saw her again. She never even knew our names.

We arrived at home around 5am still in total shock about having a threesome. And once we got home, we fucked again!

I hope next time is this fun.

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