Incestuous Harem 17: Disciplining the Bratty Sister

Incestuous Harem 17: Disciplining the Bratty Sister

Incestuous Harem
Chapter Seventeen: Punishing the Bratty Sister
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to Ron for beta reading this!

Vicky Samuels

“Okay, I want your worksheets filled out by tomorrow,” I said to my World History class, staring out at the students.

There were smatterings of groans that made me smile while the more driven students, who cared about their grades, nodded brightly. I tried not to linger on any one face of my students as they gathered their supplies into their backpacks, particularly one.

It was so hard not to stare at Master as I taught. I just wanted to proclaim to the class, on my knees, that Clint was my master. That I was his Aunt Slut. I would do anything for him. That my “illness” yesterday wasn't caused by any stomach cramps, but by massive orgasms churned by the vibrator in my pussy controlled by his hands.

“Ms. Samuels,” Clint said, his baritone so strong, so manly and commanding. It reminded me of how dominating he had been with Zoey last night as she was punished. The entire harem, watching from the master bedroom via a carefully situated webcam, had all shivered as he took Zoey by the scruff of her neck and made her fully embrace the family.

God, just thinking about it made me wet.

“Yes, Clint?” I asked, walking to him, not fast to give notice, but without any hesitation. “Is there a question you need help with?”

“There is,” he said, a hint of his smile on his lips. The other students were filing out. “I—”

“Hey, Clint,” Tom Ruston said, stepping up to my nephew's desk and blocking me from reaching it. “Man, hear you're dating Pam Hiragawa.”

“Yeah,” Clint said, allowing only a hint of annoyance to creep into his voice. My nephew was a tall, handsome young man, dark hair and eyes, chiseled chin. Not that Tom Ruston was bad looking, even with his sandy-blond hair that was a shade too long for my taste in men.

“Congrats, man,” Tom said. “What a pull. Wish I had a girl that hot.”

Clint shrugged. “Just go up to the girl you like, be confident, and ask her out. Women love a confident man.”

“Shit, really? I just get so tongued-tied. There's this one girl and...” He trailed off then looked behind him. “Oh, Ms. Samuels, didn't see you. Did you...?”

“I need to talk to her about a project,” Clint said.

“Oh, shi...shoot, sorry, man.” Tom flashed me a smile. “Cool, I'll get going.”

“Later,” Clint nodded, watching Tom leave. The door closed behind him.

“You're not hanging out with your friends any longer, Master,” I said.

Clint shrugged. “I have a girlfriend now. Everyone knows when that happens...”

“The boy gets pussy-whipped.” I let out a giggle then stopped it at Clint's look. “Sorry, Master. I didn't mean to imply that you could ever be whipped by us pussies. Not when you have that cock.” I wiggled my hips, my pussy on fire.

He grinned at that and walked around me, staring at my tits stretching my low-cut blouse. I loved showing off my tits to my students. The boys, and sometimes a girl, drooled over them. It made me feel like such a naughty teacher. But when Clint stared, my nipples throbbed. They poked so hard against my thin bra and thinner blouse. I turned as he circled me, walking past me towards my desk. He sat down in my chair, grinning at me.

I shivered as he looked at me. I moved and stood before him, my stance wide, letting my tight pencil skirt ride up my stocking clad thighs. I leaned over, knowing he could see hits of my lacy, black bra. My tits shifted, swaying as I licked my lips.

“Did you need some...tutoring help?” I purred. “Do you need your naughty teacher-slave to mentor you?”

“Our fun yesterday was interrupted.”

“That darned nurse,” I sighed. “She could use a vibrator shoved up her pussy. That would loosen her up.”

Clint laughed. “I bet it would.”

My heart quickened as I looked at his jeans, his cock bulging the denim. I licked my lips, quivering. It was lunch right now. No classes for either of us. We had an hour to have fun. What did he want to do to make up for our fun yesterday being cut short? I had wanted to wear the remote control vibrator all day. I didn't even make it to his World History class.

“Bare those big tits, slave.”

“Yes, Master.” I loved saying that. My fingers flew to the buttons of my maroon blouse. One-by-one, I undid them, starting from the bottom. My tits stretched the tight garment. With each one undone, more and more strain was put on the remaining buttons. The last one, right between my two large breasts, stretched, my tits wanting to burst the garment apart.

I popped the button through the eyelet. My blouse sprang apart. My tits jiggled in my demi bra. The lacy cups restraining my breasts. I slid my fingers of both hands along the lace, following the lines of my bra and touching both my tits. My fingers met at the clasp in the front. I twisted it. My bra sprang apart.

Clint smiled as my lush tits bounced out.

“Mmm, these are the mature tits of a woman who is desperate to please her young master,” I moaned, squeezing my pillowy mounds together, my hips shaking. My pussy was so wet, soaking my panties. Maybe even my pantyhose.

Clint put his hands behind his head, grinning at me. “How will you use those tits to teach me, slave?”

I smiled, walking forward, heels clicking, hips swaying. His dick throbbed, wanting to burst out of his confines. “Well, I would teach you about the wonderful delight of a titty fuck. I would wrap these lush mounds about your cock and slide them up and down. Faster and faster. Until you exploded all over my face and tits.”

“Just the lesson I was looking for.”

I reached him and fell to my knees, not caring if I got a run in my pantyhose. I let go of my tits and slid my hands up his jeans. I loved the rough sound of my fingernails sliding over the denim. I reached his crotch, rubbing him, feeling him ache and throb. He needed this, groaning and shifting. The lust in his eyes made me quiver.

I was so lucky to please my nephew. My Master. God, I was such a cool aunt.

The fastener popped. The zipper rasped. I reached in, shoving down his boxers, and found his cock. A wicked shiver ran through me as I pulled out his cock. Hard and throbbing, the crown dark with his excitement and beading with precum. I glanced at my unlocked door. Anyone could barge in and catch me with my nephew.

With a student. I would be in so much trouble. It went against all the rules of conduct.

And that made me so wet.

I wrapped my tits around my nephew's cock, sandwiching his shaft. I felt how warm he was. How hot. How he throbbed. His precum stained my flesh. My nipples ached, rubbing on his t-shirt. They ached as I slid them up and down his cock, bringing groans from both our mouths.

“The key to a successful titty fuck is twofold,” I moaned, staring up at him. “The girl has to be endowed enough to wrap her tits about a man's cock.”

“Uh-huh,” Clint groaned. “And what else?”

“The pressure. She has to squeeze her tits about his dick, giving good friction while looking as sexy as possible.”

“You're doing both, slave. Rub those tits up and down my cock. Demonstrate the proper titty fuck technique.”

“Yes, Master.”

I slid my tits up and down his cock, my fingers sinking into my pillowy flesh. My nipples throbbed and tingled, my pussy on fire. I wiggled my hips, the excitement rippling through me as I stared up at Clint, giving him the sexiest look possible. I wanted him to know how hot this was, how much I loved doing this.

He loved it. He groaned, staring down at me with such lusts in his eyes. His face twitched from the pleasure my sliding tits gave him. I rubbed faster and faster, more and more of his precum leaking out, making my tits slippery.

“And then,” I purred, “as a bonus, the girl can lick the tip. Adding another thrill to the man's experience.”

I licked the tip of Clint's cock as it appeared, gathering salty precum. He shuddered, groaning, “Oh, yes, I see. That does add something special to it.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, sliding my tits up and then down, his dick popping out again. My tongue flicked across his tip, making him shudder.

I loved pleasing him. It made me so hot and wet. My pussy clenched. I wanted to touch myself, to pleasure my body. But I wasn't here to make myself feel good, but Clint. I was his slave. His slut. His pleasure mattered. He could deny mine forever, and I would be happy.

He squirmed in the seat, twitching. His pleasure built. His breathing quickened. His t-shirt was so tight, molding to his muscular physique. My fingers clenched about my tits. I slid them faster and faster, squirming, my tongue licking, flicking, eager for his cum to explode.

“And then the girl should beg for his cum to cover her,” I moaned.

“An example,” he groaned.

I grinned at him. “Oh, Master, cum all over my big tits. Cover them with your spunk. Mmm, I'm just a naughty teacher that has to be bathed by your jizz. It's so hot and delicious.”

“Oh, yes,” he groaned. “Oh, that's hot. Keep giving me examples, slut! Beg!”

“Yes, yes, yes, coat me, Master. Give me a pearl necklace. Let everyone see your jizz adorning my body. Plaster me in it! I want it!”

“Because you're such a nasty whore? A dirty, filthy slut that gets off on being degraded.”

“I am! I so am! I want nothing more than to be humiliated by you! Coat me, Master!” My pussy clenched. My thighs pressed together hard, rubbing on my clit. I wanted to masturbate so badly.

“Fuck!” Clint grunted, leaning back in my chair.

His cock erupted.

I shivered, his cum spurting up out of the valley of my tits. The jizz splashed across my chin and neck. Lines of pearly cum ran down my body, reaching for my tits. More splattered my lips and cheeks. So much salty, hot spunk. It covered me. Soiled me.

I shivered, a small orgasm rippling out of my pussy. I moaned, my tits squeezed together so tight as I milked out the last drops to spill over my round tits. I stared up at him, my eyes shining with such lust.

“And then the girl has to say, 'Thank you for covering me in your spunk, Master.'”

“You're welcome, slut,” he groaned, breathing hard. “Fuck, that was a good lesson.”

I beamed at him.

“And now you are covered in jizz.” He grabbed his phone out of his pocket, swiped the screen. I beamed as he aimed. The phone clicked and flashed, immortalizing this moment forever. “Best lesson I've ever had.”

I blushed. “Thank you, Master.”

“Now, put on your bra and blouse,” he said. “You can clean up any cum on you that is showing on any exposed flesh. But the wet stains on your clothing... You get to have those for the rest of the day.”

“Master,” I groaned. “You're so wonderful.”

He stroked my black hair. “I just love giving my filthy sluts what they need.”

“You are a wonderful Master, Clint. Our family is perfect now.”

<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alicia Elliston

I moved through the cafeteria, carrying my tray with the leftovers of my lunch. I had a spring to my step, my pigtails bouncing about my shoulders. I wished Clint were here, but Melody had whispered he was having fun with Aunt Vicky.

He was such a good Master to all the sex slaves. My big brother was awesome.

I reached the garbage can, tipping my tray over so the paper plate, napkins, and leftovers dumped into the trash. I set the tray on top and was about to head back to the table to join Melody, Pam, Zoey, and Stefani when I spotted Lee against the wall, a group of girls harassing her led by Carmelita.

I smiled. It used to be me being bullied by Carmelita and her friends, which had included Lee. That all changed on Monday when Master had the brat shave her pussy and masturbate in the locker room after our PE class.

Wanting to join in, I practically skipped over to the group.

“Why don&#039;t you just pull down those ratty jeans and masturbate right here, slut?” Carmelita sneered. “Bet you want every girl to see your filthy, dyke cunt.”

Lee shivered, not answering.

I stared at Carmelita. She had plump lips and a gorgeous color of golden-brown skin. Her ass looked great in the hip-hugging jeans she wore. I really had an eye for girls after the last five days belonging to my big brother&#039;s harem.

“Yeah,” I added when I arrived. “Just show everyone that your a filthy piece of poop.”

“A whore,” another girl sneered.

“A dyke slut!”

Lee shivered, her shoulders hunched, her cheeks flushed. She had been harassed a lot since Monday. And I knew she was wet right now. I could tell. Those flushed cheeks weren&#039;t out of embarrassment but lust. She was such a fucked-up slut.

“Come on, flash that shaved snatch you&#039;re so proud of,” Carmelita sneered.

“I don&#039;t have permission to,” Lee answered.

“Permission. What are you, a sex slave?” I laughed. “What guy would want to touch your diseased cunt?”

Lee&#039;s eyes shot up and met my gaze. Her face hardened. “At least a guy wants to touch my pussy. You prance around like a little girl. Like a piece of jail bait attracting all the pervs. I bet the janitors love you, but none of the guys our age do. They want a girl that&#039;s mature. Curvy.”

I blinked in shock. I felt punched in the stomach. What was Lee doing? She wasn&#039;t supposed to pick on me any longer. She was my sex slave. I was only saying mean things because I knew she liked it.

And to get back at her.

Tears burned my eyes.

Carmelita turned her head, gazing at me. A vicious smile crossed her lips. “Well, look at you. You look like a fucking little girl. And it has to be on purpose.” She grabbed my pigtail. “Huh? Fucking grow up. You look ridiculous. I&#039;d say you were dressing up to tease the guys with lolita fetishes, but you&#039;re too immature to even know anything about sex. You probably think babies come from storks.”

The tears fell down my cheeks. I wasn&#039;t supposed to be bullied any longer.

“Look at her, she&#039;s crying like a baby,” Lee sneered.

“Lee,” I squeaked, trying to control myself. But they were all staring at me, laughing at me. “Y-you...”

“Come on, spit it out,” Carmelita sneered. “You can talk. Or are you that much of a baby. Goo goo ga ga. Do you need a pacifier, wittle babwy?”

I turned and ran, my feet slapping on the linoleum, my pigtails bouncing around my shoulder. I had to find my big brother. This wasn&#039;t supposed to happen any longer. They all laughed at me as I fled, that horrible, mean girl chortle echoing behind me, driving me to run faster. My vision blurred. My glasses slipped down my nose. Tears burned hot down my cheeks. I pushed past people, hating Lee. Hating Carmelita.

Lee was our sex slave. We were a happy family. How could she insult me like this? It wasn&#039;t right. It wasn&#039;t fair.

I burst out of the cafeteria into the emptier halls. I ran at full force to the stairs and raced up them to the second floor. I took the stairs two at a time. I darted to the right for Aunt Vicky&#039;s classroom. I needed my big brother.

I crashed through the door, crying, “Big Brother!”

His head snapped around to me. He sat at Aunt Vicky&#039;s desk chair. She stood, her tits covered in cum, more dripping down her face. Concern painted her. Clint stood up and was before me in moments, pulling me against his chest.

“What&#039;s wrong, princess?” he asked his voice so gentle. He stroked my back as I cried into his chest.

It felt so good to be in his strong arms, to feel how much he loved me. I looked up at him and the words spilled out of my mouth in broken sobs. Anger crossed his face, growing with every word I spoke. His jaw set.

And I knew that Lee would pay. She was in so much trouble now.

<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Leann “Lee” Samuels

My stomach writhed as I waited for Clint before the school. I knew I was in so much trouble. I felt so bad for making Alicia run off crying, but I needed to be disciplined again. I needed Clint to spank me so hard he left my ass bruised and hurting for days. I needed that endorphin rush to carry me to subspace, as my mom called it.

I was a brat who needed her master&#039;s discipline. I was so wet. My panties were soaked.

I clutched my hands before me, staring at the door, waiting for my brother to emerge. Other students passed, the guys grinning at me, some inviting me to their house so I could shave my pussy again. The girls sneered at me. Even Carmelita. Our momentary bonding over teasing Alicia had ended after my half-sister fled the cafeteria.

The school doors burst open. Clint strode out. And he was furious. My pussy clenched. I would be disciplined so hard. My nipples throbbed against my shirt. I wore no bra. My tits were little A cups. I didn&#039;t need a bra.

“You fucking piece of shit!” he snarled, stalking at me. Behind him, Alicia, Melody, Zoey, Pam, and Stefani stepped out, their eyes burning with anger.

I took a deep breath, trying not to flinch as Clint stopped before me.

“What the fuck?” He seized my shoulder. “You fucking brat! Why the fuck are you picking on your cousin? You know better than to make Alicia cry. What the fuck is wrong with you, Lee?”


“Huh? I thought you understood your place! And then you make her cry! Jesus Christ, are you that much of a fucking brat, Lee!”

“I...I&#039;m sorry, Clint... I...”

“What? Wasn&#039;t thinking? Forgot you weren&#039;t a massive cunt?”

A couple of guys chortled. “She&#039;s a filthy whore,” one called out.


“It was just...” I wanted to call him Master so badly. I hated that we had to pretend to be cousins in public. He was my half-brother and owner. “I just...”

“What? Are retarded, Lee? A dumb bitch that likes to hurt her family?”

So many people were watching. It was so humiliating to be yelled at in front of the school. To have my brother demean me. My hips trembled. My pussy clenched. I pressed my thighs together, loving how my clit ached.

“What is going through...?” His words trailed off. His eyes narrowed. “Oh, fuck, Lee. Really?”

Something had changed. I frowned.

“Come on, let&#039;s get home.”

“That&#039;s it, big brother?” Alicia shrieked. “You should spank her for what she said to me. Right in front of the whole school!”

“That&#039;s it,” Clint said. All the anger was gone from him. “Come on, Lee, we&#039;re going home.”

“But...” I spluttered.

“Big brother?” gasped Alicia. She darted to him, taking his hand. “You need to punish her.”

He looked down at her. His answer was quiet. I hardly heard him. “Princess, trust me.”

And she did. The other girls of the harem moved around me. Pam confused. Melody stared at me, shaking her head, but it wasn&#039;t anger. It was...disappointment. I squirmed at that. Zoey rolled her eyes, holding Stefani&#039;s hand.

I was so confused. Where was my big punishment? I wanted him to really lay into me in front of the school, the foreplay to the spanking that I knew was coming. I hoped he used one of the paddles his father owned for spanking our mothers. Or the flails or whips. There were so many fun toys my mom had showed me that I ached to feel on my ass.

I wanted them all used on me.

I climbed into the back seat of Pam&#039;s car, Clint driving. I sat between Pam and Melody, Alicia up front, pouting. Clint adjusted the rear view mirror. I saw his eyes in it staring right at me. “How wet are you right now, slave?”

“Pretty wet, Master,” I answered.

He sighed. Why? What was wrong? Where was his anger? He should be furious at me. I did something so horrible to his little princess.

“And you didn&#039;t mean it, did you? What you said to Alicia?”

“No, Master.” I shifted, my excitement fading. Tears built in my eyes. “I-It was very bad of me. Terrible.”

“Yes,” Alicia said.

Melody shook her head at me. “You are fucked up, Lee.”

“I&#039;m going to punish you,” Clint said, backing the car out of the parking space.

I perked up, my pussy clenching.

“But no spanking. No being tied up. No being pissed on or humiliated.”

“What?” I asked.

“You hurt your sister so you could have pleasure,” he growled, his anger returning. “So you think that&#039;s fair that I give you what you want? That I should reward you after you made Alicia cry?”

“I...” I swallowed. “I just...wanted to be punished.”

“So you think if you&#039;re a brat again you&#039;ll get what you want.”

“That&#039;s why you said those mean things?” Alicia&#039;s voice quavered. “That&#039;s horrible, Lee.”

The tears fell. I felt horrible. I buried my face in my hands, my shoulders shaking. “I&#039;m sorry, Alicia. I... I didn&#039;t think about it. I just wanted to be disciplined. Ever since you spanked me so hard on Saturday, Clint, I wanted it again. I just had to wait for the bruising to fade. Oh, god, I&#039;m horrible.”

<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Clint Elliston

Lee sobs echoed through the car. Everyone else was silent. I grit my teeth. I should have seen this. The little ways she had been acting bratty over the last few days. Last night, she was getting obnoxious, but I was so focused on dealing with Zoey&#039;s lies I pushed it aside. She was acting worse and worse so I would punish her.

And if I did that, I would only be encouraging her to continue to act like a brat. I couldn&#039;t have that. I couldn&#039;t reward her bad behavior. I had to encourage her good behavior. She needed positive reinforcement, not negative.

Spankings, disciplines, those had to be her rewards. If she was bad, she had to be deprived of what she desired. An idea popped into my head as I pulled the car into the driveway of our home, parking it beneath the shade of the chestnut tree, its falling leaves crunching under the tires.

“Lee, do you understand what you did to Alicia?”

“I do,” she said. “I knew it was wrong, but I just wanted to be selfish. I just wanted you to spank me, Master. I loved it.”

I sighed. I heard her pain. She just wanted my attention. Like all my women did. “So here&#039;s what we&#039;re going to do. Spankings and floggings will be your reward. Whenever you&#039;re a brat, you won&#039;t get them.”

She nodded her head, sniffing. Tears stained her cheeks, her eyes red and puffy.

“For your punishment, you don&#039;t get to have any fun. No orgasms for two weeks.”

“Two weeks?” she gasped.

I gave her a hard look.

“Yes, Master.”

“Now we&#039;re going to go into the house and have an orgy. You&#039;re going to stand in the corner, facing the wall, and listen to us fuck. You&#039;ll keep your hands behind your back. If I see your hands move, if I catch you masturbating, I&#039;ll add a day onto your punishment. Everyone in the family will treat you with respect. No one will call you anything demeaning. You&#039;ll just be Lee. You won&#039;t even get to drink our morning piss with your mom.”

“Okay, Master,” Lee sniffed.

I looked at Alicia. “You ready to get fucked?”

“You&#039;re going to fuck me first, big brother?” she grinned.

“Of course I am.” I stroked her pigtail. “You&#039;re the one she hurt, Princess. I want you to feel better.”

She squealed and hugged me, raining kisses across my face. I loved my little sister so much. I glanced into the back. Melody gave me a nod. My queen supported this. I winked at her. She laughed and threw open her door, climbing out.

“Let&#039;s go, Princess.” I said. “I&#039;m going to fuck you so hard.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Alicia said, breaking our hug to dart out of the car and race to the door.

She beat Melody there.

I climbed out, followed by Pam. Zoey stepped out of her car parked behind us. She arched an eyebrow at me, her breasts bouncing in the tight, stretchy halter top she wore. She had tits as big as Aunt Vicky. She arched an eyebrow. “You tying her up and putting a wand massager against her pussy?”

“She&#039;s not allowed to have any orgasms for two weeks,” Pam said, slipping up beside me, a big smile on her round face. “And we&#039;re having an orgy while she stands in the corner.”

Stefani, climbing out of my older sister&#039;s car on the passenger side, laughed. “Wild. I&#039;m ready to have fun.”

The redhead took my other arm. I led her and Pam into the house, their bodies pressed tight, Zoey following. Alicia was already naked, shedding out of her clothing, her slim, girlish body on display. Her shaved pussy and tight slit combined with her budding tits made her look younger than her eighteen years. And those pigtails made her just delightful.

Lee stood in the corner, hands behind her back, trembling.

“Mmm, I&#039;m going to devour you,” Melody said, pushing Alicia down on the couch. “You have such a yummy pussy, cupcake.”

Alicia gasped as Melody licked at her pussy. I groaned, watching my little sister&#039;s face twist in passion. With her glasses on, she looked so cute. Color flushed her cheeks as she humped against Melody&#039;s licking tongue while making delicious squeaks of pleasure.

My dick throbbed. Pam and Stefani pressed against me, their hands ripping off my t-shirt. I groaned, loving their hands running across my body. Their lips nuzzled at my face, both kissing my cheeks and lips. I groaned, savoring the redhead and the Japanese beauty stroking my body, making my dick throb more and more. Their hands met at my jeans.

The fastener popped. I shivered as my zipper rasped, sharing tongue-filled kisses with them both. Their hands pushed down jeans and boxers before finding my cock. They stroked me, moaning into the kiss. My hands grabbed their asses, clenching hard as I savored the kiss.

“Mmm, cupcake, you do taste delicious,” Melody moaned.

“Thank you, big sister. Oh, yes, your tongue is amazing. Get me so wet for big brother&#039;s dick!”

“Naughty girl,” giggled Melody.

Pam broke our kiss. She had a wicked smile on her face at odds with her innocent, doll-like features. She held up her hand, a red pill in the center of her palm. It was one of the male-enhancement pills from her mother&#039;s pharmacy. They were like super-charged Viagra. “You&#039;re going to need your stamina, brother, to fuck us.”

I shivered. It was so hot to discover Pam was our half-sister. I wondered how many other siblings were out there. Our dad loved fucking Asian women. I opened my mouth, and she popped the pill in. I swallowed it, a warm rush shooting through me.

“I wish I was your sister,” groaned Stefani. “But I asked your mom, Clint, and your dad never fucked mine.” She sighed. “Not that I was shocked. My mom is such a hardcore Christian, it&#039;s disgusting.”

“You&#039;re my honorary sister,” I told her.

Zoey, pressing up behind Stefani, giggled. “Which makes us sisters, too. So all those times we made love were incestuous.”

“Yes,” Stefani moaned. “Oh, Yunie, you say the best things.”

My sister kissed her girlfriend over her shoulder while Pam fell to her knees. She stared up at me, slanted eyes burning with lust behind her glasses. She took a lick at the tip of my cock, sending a flutter of pleasure through my body.

“And I&#039;ll keep your dick nice and hard for our little sister,” Pam moaned.

“Oh, you&#039;re so sweet, Pam,” Alicia moaned. “I have such wonderful sisters. Mostly.”

I glanced at Lee. She squirmed as she stood in the corner, her head bowed. She had her hands clamped behind her back, her arms twitching. She wanted to masturbate so badly and couldn&#039;t. I smiled as Pam engulfed my dick.

“That&#039;s it, suck my cock. Love your mouth on my dick.”

My dick throbbed in her mouth. Her tongue swiped across the crown. Beside us, Zoey and Stefani sank to the floor, ripping off each other&#039;s clothing. My older sister pulled the redhead to her tits, Stefani motorboating between them. On the couch, Alicia moaned and gasped, humping harder and harder into Melody&#039;s face, her pleasure building.

It was so hot the power I had over these women. I held onto Pam&#039;s French braid as she bobbed her mouth. Her eyes stared up at me, so eager to please me. Her tongue flew around my dick, teasing me, driving me wild. I groaned, my balls boiling, eager to erupt into her mouth and fill her with so much jizz.

But I held off. Alicia would get the first load.

My little sister stared at me with her brown eyes. She kept pushing up her glasses as she writhed. Her cute lips opened wide. Her left hand played with her nipples, pinching the little nubs, stretching out her tiny mounds. Her toes curled as Melody devoured her.

“Make me cum, big sis,” Alicia gasped over and over. “This is amazing. Big brother is watching me. He wants my pussy. Get me so wet and ready for him. Oh, yes. This is so hot. You&#039;re wonderful, big sis!”

“Yes, make her cum, my queen,” I groaned, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into Pam&#039;s mouth. I reached the back of her throat.

My girlfriend and concubine swallowed. I shivered as I slid down my Japanese half-sister&#039;s throat. I pulled her mouth farther down my cock as I sank into the reaches of her esophagus. Her throat constricted. She swallowed and hummed, pleasing my cock.

It was so hard not to cum down her throat.

And then her hand massaged my balls. The delicious slut wanted to please me so badly. I groaned, moans rising from around the room. Stefani sucked hard on Zoey&#039;s tits. Melody wiggled her ass as she devoured Alicia.

Lee stood in the corner, aching to join but accepting her punishment.

“Big sister!” squealed Alicia. Her body thrashed on the couch. “Yes, yes, yes! You&#039;re so wonderful.”

“Cum hard, Princess,” I groaned, staring at her, drinking in the sight of her pigtails flying. My dick ached in Pam&#039;s throat.

I grit my teeth. I was in control.

Alicia writhed, humping Melody. My queen kept licking, nuzzling, teasing our little sister. Alicia&#039;s face turned red. She pulled on both her nipples as she luxuriated in our bliss. And then Melody rose, her blonde hair tumbling about her shoulders, and turned to look at me.

“She&#039;s all ready for you, you big perv. Come fuck her tight, little pussy.”

I pulled my cock out of Pam&#039;s mouth. “You would know all about being a perv.”

Melody beamed at me. “Mmm, Pam, want a taste of Alicia&#039;s pussy?”

“Yes, come kiss me, you naughty perv,” Pam giggled.

“Oh, both of you are ganging up on me!” Melody huffed in mock outrage. She giggled. “Well, I am. Aren&#039;t you, Pam?”

Pam moaned a yes as I passed Melody, the pair of us swapping partners. Behind me, Pam and Melody kissed hard, passionately. But I only had eyes for Alicia&#039;s girlish slit, her vulva flushed and plump, her lips pulled apart just enough to give a hint of her wet pink. She stared at me with such hunger in her eyes.

“My big brother is such a hunk!”

“And my little princess is such a cutie.”

I leaned over her, pulling her to the edge of the couch. My cock nudged at her pussy. She grabbed it with both hands, her tongue thrust cutely between her lips as she rubbed the tip up and down her wet folds to find the opening. I glanced at Lee, still trembling, still being good.

And thrust my cock.

“Big brother!” Alicia squealed as my dick sank into her hot, tight flesh. “Oh, yes, big brother, you&#039;re cock&#039;s sooooo good in me. I&#039;m so glad I can fuck this cock as much as I want for the next two weeks.”

Lee let out a tiny whimper.

I groaned, Alicia&#039;s pussy clenching on my dick. She was so young and cute. Her arms hugged my torso, pulling me down. I drew back my cock, still aching and throbbing from Pam&#039;s mouth, and slid slowly into her pussy, letting her feel every inch of my big dick stretching her pussy out. She whimpered and groaned, thighs squeezing about my waist.

It was such torture to fuck her so slowly. I wanted to pound her. To ream my dick over and over into her and cum. But I wanted my little sister to enjoy it. My hands slid down, gripping her ass as I drew back and drove in again.

“Yes, yes, yes, I love this cock. I love you, big brother.”

“Love you, princess,” I groaned, my strokes picking up a little speed. “You want to cum on my dick?”

“So badly.”

“It&#039;s a great dick,” Zoey groaned. “Ooh, yes, Stefani, I love it when you do that.”

I thrust into my little sister&#039;s pussy a little harder, a little faster each time. Her flesh boiled around me. She was so hot. My dick wanted to erupt. My balls ached as they swung into her taint. She writhed and wiggled, bucking her slim hips to meet my thrusts, her moans singing through the room.

The friction sent shivers through my body. I groaned, fighting the urge to pound her like a little slut. I wanted to make love to my Alicia. I held her body, turning us, laying her out across the couch so I could rest my weight on her small body.

“Yes,” she moaned, hugging me with arms and legs. The couch cushions shifted beneath us as I made love to her. “Big brother, yes.”

She nuzzled at my neck and collarbone, the difference in our heights made kissing hard. But I loved it. I held her as I drove over and over into her wet furnace. Her hard nipples rubbed on my chest. Her moans sang in my ears.

And then she came.

It was glorious feeling her tiny pussy spasming about my dick. My eighteen-year-old sister&#039;s cunt went wild. She milked my cock. She made me groan. Stars burst through my eyes. I shivered, thrusting harder and harder, burying into her pussy.

“Thank you, big brother,” she moaned. “For being so wonderful. Love you!”

“Love you,” I groaned, thrusting harder and harder, my dick aching. “I&#039;m going to cum.”

“Cum in me!” Her thighs latched on tight. “Flood me, big brother!”

“My princess!” I gasped as my cum erupted into her pussy.

The pleasure shot through me. The hot, powerful pulse of bliss fired through my body. I groaned as she squealed, her pussy massaging my dick. Eager for every drop of my cum splashing into her depths.

The rapture boiled through my mind. I glanced out at my other women, Pam and Melody sixty-nining, Zoey&#039;s big tits bouncing as she rode Stefani&#039;s face, Lee trembling in the corner, then back at Alicia, her face burning with pleasure.

Fuck, I was lucky.

<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Leann “Lee” Samuels

I trembled as Alicia and Clint came. I so wanted to join in. This sucked so much. I could only tremble, my head stuck in the corner, and listen to them. My pussy was on fire. I wanted so badly to shove my hands down my pants and frig myself.

But then Clint would be so angry with me. And I would have to go even longer before cumming. Before being spanked and humiliated. I wouldn&#039;t get to drink his piss for two weeks. It was so unfair. I didn&#039;t make her cry that much.

“Yes, yes, yes, lick my pussy, Dandy,” groaned Zoey, clearly cumming on Stefani&#039;s mouth. So lucky. “Drink all my juices, you naughty slut.”

“Oh, big brother, let me suck your cock clean of all my juices.”

I licked my mouth.

“Damn, Princess, you are just hungry for my cock. Work that little tongue up and down my cock. Clean off all your cream.”

“I taste so good.”

“You do,” Zoey moaned. “Mmm, and that tight little tush. Look at her, Stefani. She&#039;s got Clint&#039;s cum leaking out of her pussy and her asshole needs to be devoured.”

“I get her pussy!” Stefani exclaimed.

“Fuck,” Zoey groaned. “Ass for me then.”

“My princess&#039;s ass tastes great,” Clint laughed and smacked flesh. Alicia squealed and giggled.

My butt-clenched in envy.

My oldest sister and her friend let out hungry moans. Then Alicia squealed again, this time throatier. In my mind&#039;s eye, I pictured Alicia kneeling before the couch while sitting on Stefani&#039;s face. Zoey was straddling her friend, their pussies tribbing together, as she parted Alicia&#039;s butt-cheeks to tongue her asshole.

“Oh, Zoey,” gasped Alicia. “Oh, lick my asshole. Oh, my big sisters are wonderful. Mmm, Big Sister Stefani loves big brother&#039;s cum.”

“So much,” Stefani moaned.

It was pure torture. I bit my lip, trembling. My clit ached and throbbed. I could smell my tangy pussy juice through my panties and pants. I was so wet. I had never been so wet in my entire life. I could hear Zoey and Stefani devour Alicia&#039;s asshole and pussy. Clint groaned, clearly loving it.

“Pam!” Melody squealed, her voice muffled. They must be sixty-nining. “Oh, yes, Pam!”

“Melody,” my Asian half-sister moaned. “Cum on my lips.”

“Let&#039;s cum together!”

They both moaned. I shivered, picturing blonde Melody and dark-haired Pam writhing on their sides, their heads buried between each other&#039;s thighs, licking, nuzzling, devouring each other&#039;s pussy juices. They would gush from their snatches, bathing each other&#039;s faces.

Shit, shit, shit. This was so unfair. Why did I have to be such a brat? Why did I have to insult Alicia? I should have insulted Melody. That wouldn&#039;t have made Clint this angry and...

No. I couldn&#039;t be a brat at all. Master didn&#039;t want that. He wanted me to be a good slave. I just had to grit my teeth and—

“Yes!” squealed Alicia. “Finger my ass, Zoey. Oh, you&#039;re so wonderful. Oh, my god. I&#039;m going to cum again. Big brother, they&#039;re both making me feel amazing.”

“Uh-huh,” Clint groaned. “Keep bathing my cock. Get me nice and wet with your cute mouth. I want to fuck someone&#039;s ass.”

“Whose?” Alicia asked.

“You pick, princess!”

“Stefani! You fuck her ass, and I&#039;ll fist her pussy, big brother!”

Fist her pussy? I wanted that. My asshole clenched and tingled now, too. I wanted to be fucked up the ass by my half-brother and fisted by Alicia&#039;s tiny hand. I let out a whimper. I wanted to explode. I banged my head into the wall, fighting against the urge to be naughty. My hands gripped together so tightly.

Maybe I could...just for a moment. Clint was so involved. Alicia moaned, cumming on Stefani and Zoey&#039;s mouth. No one would notice. Just a little scratch at my clit. Just for a moment. I could give myself a little relief.

And be a brat.

I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Look what Clint left out,” Melody said, her voice mischievous.

“Yes!” Pam squealed.

“Oh, fuck,” Clint groaned. “Hurry up, Stefani, I want to fuck that ass while watching them.”

What was going on? I wanted to look.

“Yes, yes, fuck my ass, Clint,” Stefani moaned. “And fist me, Alicia.”

Zoey let out a throaty groan. “Oh, this will be good. Lick my pussy, Pam, while you explode in rapture. I can testify to how amazing that is.”

Amazing what was? I wanted to blurt out my questions, to scream out my frustration. This was torture.

Something loud hummed to life. A vibrator... No, the Hitachi personal massager.

“Oh, my god,” Pam screamed out, the wand massager humming at her pussy. She was so lucky. “Yes, yes, yes, yes! That&#039;s amazing. Holy shit, Melody. That&#039;s—”

Her words cut off into a muffled moan. “Just scream into my cunt and make me cum,” purred Zoey. “Oh, Pam, you are such a treasure. Our dad was a stud.”

“Like Clint,” Stefani said, her voice throaty. “Yes, yes, yes, fuck my asshole, Clint. Ream me and... Alicia, oh, that&#039;s amazing. Fist me as Clint fucks me!”

“Gladly,” giggled Alicia.

I pounded my head against the wall again. Two weeks of this torture. I would never be a brat again. It wasn&#039;t worth being denied joining in the family fun. They were all moaning, gasping, loving each other as Clint directed the orgy. They kept cumming, pleasure exploding through them. My mom came home and joined the fun. Then Aunt Cheryl and Ms. Hiragawa. They were all fucking, sucking, writhing in passion.

It was an eternity of torment.

And I deserved it. I made the sweetest girl, my little sister, cry just so I could get attention. What type of horrible person did that? So I sucked up my horny frustration. I ignored my dripping pussy. I stood there as my thighs ached, my feet hurt, my back throbbed.

And I would keep enduring until my punishment was over. I would be a perfect slave just like my mom. No more being a brat. Clint loved me in his own way. He would give me what I wanted. What I needed. He would spank me so hard that I would cum just from the pain. He would tie me up. He would humiliate me.

I just had to trust and love my Master.

<p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Clint Elliston

“Well, slave,” I said, bursting into Lee&#039;s room. She had been sleeping by herself in the second house since her punishment, ostracized by the rest of the family. She did her chores, but no one really talked to her. She had spent a lot of time running to fight her desires and keep from thinking about her hot pussy.

She blinked, stirring from her blankets. “Slave?” Her eyes widened. “It&#039;s been two weeks?”

“It&#039;s been two weeks,” I grinned. “And I have to pee so badly.”

Lee flew out of her covers. She wore pajama bottoms and a spaghetti strapped tank top. Both were a pale lilac color that looked so fetching on her slim, athletic body. She fell to her knees before me and yanked down my sweatpants.

I didn&#039;t sleep in sweatpants, but it was October now and getting cold outside. I woke up early this morning, bursting with pee, eager for Lee. So I slipped out of the master bedroom next door, leaving Pam and her mother cuddled together. I was just so eager to piss in Lee&#039;s mouth.

I had missed pissing in her mouth. I had missed spanking her, humiliating her, fucking. But I was strong. I had to make sure she learned her lesson. I didn&#039;t want her to ever make Alicia or someone else in this family cry because she wanted to be a selfish brat.

She grabbed my dick, bringing it to her lips. I was half-hard, the tip aching. My bladder was so full. I drank far too much water before bed last night. I smiled as I stared down at her, her lips wrapping about my cock, eager for humiliation.

“Are you ever going to be a brat again?”

She shook her head.


She nodded her head and moaned. I saw it in her eyes. She understood what she had done. She had apologized a few times to Alicia.


I relaxed my bladder. I groaned as my piss splashed into Lee&#039;s mouth. She shivered, swallowing hard, her eyes going glossy with her arousal. I shivered. It felt wonderful pissing in her mouth. It was so hot having a slave who would do this. I savored it.

But I had so much piss it overflowed her mouth. So much streamed in that she couldn&#039;t swallow it fast enough. It dribbled down her cheeks. She squeezed her eyes shut, squirming, moaning. She drank down as much as she could.

“Fuck, you&#039;re just a filthy, nasty pee-slut,” I growled. “A piece of absolute shit, Lee. God, you are disgusting. You love it.”

She trembled, thighs squeezing together.

“I bet you want to masturbate right now.”

She moaned so loudly.

“Do it! Frig that filthy cunt while you drink my pee.”

Such joy burst to life in her eyes as her right hand shoved down to her pajama bottoms. She didn&#039;t even shove beneath them. She rubbed her cunt through her clothing, gulping down the last bit of my pee. Her tongue swirled around the tip, gathering the drops clinging on the slit, and came so hard.

My dick throbbed in her mouth as she screamed around my cock. I leaned my head back, fists clenched. She sucked so hard as she came. My balls ached as she bobbed her mouth. She had her piss, and now she wanted her cum. And I wanted to give it to her.

The door burst open. “Clint!”

Melody stood there, wearing a jacket over her naked body. She held something in her hand. It was white and long, tapering to a narrower end at one end. She held it up. I frowned, staring at a little display with a pink line across...

“Holy shit!” I gasped, my heart almost stopping. My cock erupted into Lee&#039;s hungry mouth.

“I&#039;m pregnant!” Melody squealed and threw her arms around my neck, kissing me hard.

To be continued...

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