Jenny's Ladies Fun Night

Jenny's Ladies Fun Night

Three of my girlfriends and I decided to go out on a ladies night to a local upscale bar in Monmouth County NJ, that we know and frequent, for a few drinks and some dancing. Beforehand, in a group text we kept joking about what the night might bring. Would it be mild or wild? Of course we chatted about what would wear. We agreed upon a wardrobe theme: tease. We planned to each drive separately or take Uber not knowing how the evening might turn out.

Here is a little information about my friends. Ronnie is the youngest at 35. She is a knockout, fair-skinned redhead with a very athletic body and a killer ass. Most think that Ronnie must be/been a model, but she is not. Ronnie is completely straight and has never had a bi-sexual experience in her life.

Maria is a 47 year old exotic beauty. She is of Latin and African descent with a big sexy, fiery attitude packed into her little 5’ 2” body. Maria is 100% lesbian. That wasn’t always the case. Maria jokes about her straight days saying that if she found a man with a big cock that actually knew how to use it well, she may have never moved onto a strictly fish diet. While that is funny, I guess that has to make me feel quite lucky. I have been spoiled over the years with great sex, whether it was “surf or turf.”

Gabby is a 42 year old raven-haired woman that oozes sexy. She has a few extra pounds, but in all the right places. Yes, that’s right, big luscious tits and ass. Think Kim Kardashian with bigger boobs! Her sexual appetite for both men and women make me seem like a conservative nun.

Me? I would think anyone reading this has probably seen hundreds of my photos posted online on various swinger and porn sites. But just in case, I am Jenny, the “old lady” of the group at 54 although I can definitely still hang with the younger crowd. I’m 5’ 10” blue-eyed, fair-skinned, straight shoulder length light blonde hair. It’s dyed, but to my original color. I could prove it if I let the matching “carpet” grow in, but I insist on having clean hardwood floors…LOL. I have long lean legs and I squeeze my natural boobs with very large areolas into a 38D bra. Many, including my husband Nick, feel that my best feature is my mouth. Full lips, perfect white teeth and a longue tongue that goes everywhere! Nick says I look the hottest and sexiest with his cock in my mouth or kissing and another sexy woman.

Most often us girls are out with our men (women in Maria’s case) in small or larger groups. It is rare for a ladies only night out, but we try as often as we can. This night started no differently than others, as we entered the bar together many heads turned, men and women alike, to check us out. We all were dressed to impress and tease. Gabby, more so than the rest of us, made a few necks stretch and strain. Her dress was best described as a few black linen napkins from a fine restaurant stretched tightly over her voluptuous curves and held together by well-placed silver ringlets. I personally admit that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. My hands and lips were certain to follow at some point.

At the bar we ordered four chilled shots of Patron Silver. As the young, good-looking bartender poured our drinks, he asked, “You know that nothing gets a woman’s clothes off as fast as tequila, right?”

Maria quickly and smoothly responded, “That is the plan!”

The bartender’s eyes widened even more and said, “In that case, drink up! The next round is on me.” He proceeded to set up and make a second round of drinks before we even touched our first round.

We drank the shots in succession. I immediately felt the effects as my body started to tingle and, as always, my pussy started to get wet. The DJ music was loud, but not too loud. Gabby managed to say, as an announcement, loud enough for many nearby to hear, “Let’s get this girl party started!” With that, she turned to me, grabbed the sides of my head and started kissing me deeply and passionately. While this is not unusual for her, it was much earlier in the evening and lasted longer than typical. She released the embrace after about two minutes. I then looked around and noticed that we had a large audience and a group of guys who were cheering and clapping. After the first round, we did not pay for another drink all night, as we quickly gained many admirers. I switched immediately to wine to drink slower and avoid getting completely trashed. I would be lying though if I said I didn’t have a couple more shots forced on me during the night.

Next was the dance floor. The four of us danced together as a group as well as pairing off in different combinations. We are all good dancers that love to show off. I must say that the only way we could have looked sexier is if there was a stripper pole there. As time went on, guys started dancing with us as well. All types and ages; some were aggressive, some polite and some pathetic…the same as always.

As we took breaks from dancing back at the bar, we had quite the crowd gathered. We had about half the bar as our semi-private party. At one point, Ronnie came up to me and pointed out, “Look, Maria has three guys hovering over her and they have no idea that they have zero chance with her lesbian ass. And I have this gorgeous young girl hitting on me. I guess next time we should wear signs around our necks with instructions on them.”

As a response, I walked over and grabbed the girl that was hitting on Ronnie by the hand and lead her over to Maria and her fan boys. I let her hand go and proceed to kiss Maria much the same as Gabby kissed me earlier. I then the turned to the guys and said, “Sorry boys, you don’t have the right equipment for Maria, but she does enjoy the attention and the drinks.” I then grabbed the pretty girl again and pushed her and Maria together. I said, “Please keep her warm and wet for me.” While she looked at me with puzzlement, they started chatting as I stepped away. About five minutes later when I looked back, she was making out with Maria. I would learn the next day that the two of them spent the night together at Maria’s house. Oh, and Ronnie disappeared at some point in the evening, we believe, with two of the guys previously ogling Maria. However, she is now refusing to confirm and share details. Jenny the Matchmaker strikes again!

There was one particular guy that had seemed to set his sights on me somewhat, both on the dance floor and at the bar. Personally, if I were a guy, I would have focused on Gabby that night the way she looked although the competition for her was rather stiff…in more ways than one. This guy, Kevin, was in his late 40’s, slightly thinning/balding brown hair. He was tall and well built. He was dressed casually in jeans, loafers and nice pullover shirt. While it is more of relaxed look than what usually attracts me, he made it look quite good. Kevin and I danced and chatted at the bar on and off over a couple of hours. I was certainly feeling the effects of the drinks, especially the Patron. The attention of so many men and my sexy girlfriends added to my euphoric feeling. Kevin managed to get me one on one on adjacent stools at a pub table near the bar. Our chatting upgraded to flirting. Just then, Gabby snuck up behind me, reached around to grab and play with my boobs while licking my ear lobe, which drives me crazy. Kevin had a front row seat to this impromptu show. Gabby looked up to Kevin and asked, “I guess you want to fuck Jenny, I know that I do. She has a talented mouth and very nice, tasty pussy.” With that, she left, returning to her gaggle of guys that all wanted a piece of her.

All Kevin could say was, “Wow!”

I asked him, “She’s fucking hot, right?”

Kevin replied, “Yes, she’s super hot, but still not as hot and sexy as you!” Whether that was his true opinion or just a line, it hit the mark. And the mark was my pussy which was getting even wetter now.

I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I chose not to drag any of my friends with me since they were all busy with their own scenarios. The restroom was fairly crowded. While I was washing my hands there was a petite blonde putting on fire engine red lipstick next to me, but paying more attention to me in the mirror than her own lips. I returned her wanton glances, but then turned to leave wanting to get back to the gang, especially Kevin. I walked passed; she grabbed my arm and said, “I watched you and your friends earlier. Find me later if you want to mess up my lipstick.” I just smiled and winked as I left, but I was already thinking about what she had suggested.

Leaving the ladies room I entered the hall leading back to the bar. As I turned the corner, there was Kevin leaning against the wall. He asked, “Do you want to go outside and get some fresh air?” I simply nodded my head and smiled. We walked away from the entry, down the parking lot a bit to get away from the stream of people coming in and out. We had some privacy, but not completely. There were some people here and there walking past based on where they parked. There wasn’t much small talk between us at this point. We had similar thoughts and intentions.

Before I continue with the details of that night, I want the readers to understand a few things. Nick, my husband, and I are madly in love with each other. We enjoy public sex, showing off and playing together with other women, but never guys or couples. I have never fully kissed or fucked another man in over 30 years. However, I love cock. I love to suck cock and I am very good at it, just ask Nick. I confess that I, all too often, get an almost uncontrollable urge to suck cock. Hopefully Nick is around to help me satisfy my craving. If not, sometimes I can satisfy that urge by playing with myself and making my pussy cum. While doing so, I usually put something in my mouth like a dildo. I have a deep oral fixation. And after I cum, I always put either my pussy soaked toy or fingers in my mouth to taste. I am sure that you have seen many online photos of me doing so, even putting my, or someone else’s, pussy flavored panties in my mouth. On other occasions I will give a complete stranger a world class blowjob. When that happens, it is always random, never set up or scheduled. A Bblow and Go” as I call it. A date would be unfaithful, but as the saying goes, “Eating ain’t cheating,” right???

Back to the parking lot: Kevin leaned in towards me as to kiss me. I placed my right hand firmly on his chest as a non-negotiable stop sign. I saw the dismay in his eyes, but at the same time I ran my left hand down to the unmistakable bulge in his jeans. His eyes widened and a "seeing Santa's toys on a Christmas morning grin" appeared. Kevin put his hand on my shoulder in an attempt to push me to my knees. He quickly realized that I was starting to go there on my own, needing no prompt from him. I got into position to do what I do best. Kevin went to undo his belt. I pushed his hands away making it clear that I was in charge and doing things on my own terms. I undid the belt with one hand, being quite accomplished at it having so much practice, while my other hand continued to rub and grope his big hard cock through his jeans. As I opened the zipper and pulled his briefs down, an impressive cock popped out. It was even bigger and fatter than I had anticipated. Jackpot! I wrapped my long fingers and well manicured nails around his throbbing cock. That’s another very sexy look for me in my opinion. I began to lick the underside of Kevin’s cock from his balls to the head. He appeared to be pretty well groomed and trimmed. I hate hair in my way down there on either men or women. Soon it was time; I opened my mouth and engulfed the head of cock. I wrapped my lips around it. I swirled my tongue around it also a couple of times as Kevin gasped, “Oh fuck!” Then I started bobbing my mouth up and down his big hard shaft holding the base in one hand and playing with his balls with my other hand. I didn’t see, but I could hear a few guys cheering words of encouragement for us both as they walked nearby. Kevin placed his hands on the back of my head and grabbed my hair. He knew there was no need to push my head further down on his cock, as I was doing a great job already, but instead he was doing so to hold on for balance as his legs were wobbly. I then felt the first pulse as his hot cum started spewing into my willing, cock-sucking mouth. I always swallow because I love the taste, love the sensation and in these situations I feel it best not to have a mess on either of our clothes for obvious reasons. Actually I try to leave a bit in my mouth for a hot cum kiss with Nick or a woman or on occasion briefly with a guy for the thrill of pushing his own cum into his surprised mouth. This was not one of those occasions though.

I stood back up and explained to Kevin, as I do with all, that this is a one-time thing and we’ll never make plans to hook up again. If and when I run into him again randomly and I happen to be in the mood and interested it might happen again, but probably has the same odds as winning the lottery. He then asked, “Your friend was so right about your talented mouth. Can I find out if she was also right about your tasty pussy?” Probably not what he was hoping for or expecting, I reached under my dress and into my panties, easily plunging two of my fingers into my soaking wet pussy. I pulled them out and stuck them into his mouth. He began sucking and licking them like it was a cock in his own mouth. As I removed them, Kevin said, “She was right on about that as well. Your pussy is delicious.” I smiled and left walking ahead of him back into the bar.

As I was heading back toward my friends I noticed blonde lipstick girl from earlier in the bathroom who was talking to another woman and a guy. I put my arm around her and began making out with her. There was no hesitation on her part in returning the tongue kiss and embrace. The guy there just said, “Damn!” as we continued for a few moments and our hands started roaming trying to read each other’s bodies like Braille. While her hands’ attention was mainly on my boobs, she managed to slip one hand into my panties. Of course I did not resist at all and even moved in and grinded my wet pussy onto her fingers. Thankfully, we were in the darker corner of the bar and mostly blocked by her two friends that were not about to give up their position and view. She was talented, two fingers in my pussy and her thumb massaging my clit. She made me cum quickly although Kevin’s cock in my mouth had gotten me on threshold already. Just after, I walked away, smiling at her friends and licking my lips.

Back with my group I settled down with a bottle of water. I chatted with a few people. I had to shoo Kevin away a couple of times with a shake of my head as he was lurking around like a puppy dog, but I was done with him, well at least for that night. I was tired, fairly tipsy, but still very horny. All things considered I figured it was good time to head out and home, having had a great evening and a couple of very satisfying experiences. So I said my goodbyes with kisses and hugs, some that lingered a bit more with a few, select people.

Once outside, waiting for my Uber, the fresh late night air felt invigorating. I was looking forward to getting home and fucking and sucking Nick’s cock, most likely in that order. As I said, I was still horny and getting more so as the events of the evening played back through my mind. Once I got home, I found Nick asleep in bed. That was not going to stop me, plus he never minds being woken up that way, morning or night. I’m sure he was expecting this treatment knowing where I was going and with who. He knows that I kiss, touch and show off with my girlfriends. He also knows that I will, after a few drinks, kiss random sexy women. I wonder if he knows that I suck strange cock. What would he think if I told him that I blew a big cock in the parking lot with people passing by? Should I tell him? No, not tonight. Not now while he is plunging his own big cock deep in my throbbing pussy. I certainly am a lucky girl.

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