The Margey Household - Book 6

The Margey Household - Book 6

Margey Household Book 6

Themes: ws, light scat, mast, lez

Read the other stories in the series (Books 1-5) to find out the full background or some of it won't make any sense.

Warning: The events and characters in this story are imaginary. If you attempt to duplicate them in real life, you will end up sharing a jail cell with a big fat man called Bubba.








1) Colleen from Mali

by StackofBooks

(1956 words)

Tip: Read from Book 1 Chapter 1 so you know the characters and situations

She was the 18 year old black girl from Lily and Edna's school classroom in Mali many years ago.

The two teachers were retired now and enjoyed walking through the park together, occasionally 'accidentally bumping into' big black John and his promiscuous daughter Sally. (See the other Margey books for their adventures.)

They had both been in their twenties when they had been posted to Mali as teachers. Edna had taken over as substitute when her friend had a short bout of illness.

While she was teaching the students human biology, and in particular the inner workings of female anatomy, Colleen was the black girl who came forward, and sat on the big table for the kids of both genders to examine her.

She had no embarrassment about masturbating herself in front of everyone, using the flat pad of her middle finger on her clit in a circular motion while sticking one or two fingers in her hole. She was a squirter when she came, often reaching distances of 1 metre. Classmate Tommy caught her ejaculate and declared it a different taste and mouthfeel to her pee.

On another occasion, she brought  some sex toys and put smooth and ribbed dildos up her teen cunt. She preferred one of the other girls in the class (or the teacher) to do the pushing in and out, rather than herself. That's why everyone thought she must be gay, and so it proved.

She also had some smaller diameter dildos for her arsehole, and her orgasms were very loud when both front and back holes were being stimulated.

As sex toys like strap-ons were impossible to find in that country in those times (illegal to import them), a few months later, Alfred the janitor managed to rig up a dildo into a harness that was worn around the genital area. Monica was the first one to try it out on Colleen, although in the privacy of the latter's bedroom. Monica was in the main straight, but had bisexual tendencies and would do anything for her friend as long as she got a pee drink from her every day.

Monica strapped up, lubed it, and got down on Monica in the missionary position and slowly pushed up to the hilt. Coll rubbed her clit as the fake penis went up and down inside her.

Then she knelt face down over the edge of the bed and the toy was pushed up her rectal passage. More clit rubbing from underneath brought an even stronger orgasm.

After washing and disinfecting the dildo, Monica was then the receiver in both orifices, but frankly it didn't do too much for her, as she just wanted real cock. She loved just being with her friend, and really did like drinking Colleen's ejaculate.

One day, Colleen had to take her homework to Edna's house as she'd forgotten to take it to school. Her teacher wasn't in but the door was opened by the 19-year old maid Ariadne. Colleen was immediately taken by her pretty face and huge black shiny boobs which were poking out from the top of her pinafore style uniform. She invited her in, and as her shift was over, took her to her own private quarters. The house was otherwise empty.

They chatted for a while, and Ariadne said she had to get out of her uniform as it was too hot. She asked Colleen to undo the zip at the back and it dropped to the floor. Colleen wrapped her hands round her boobs from behind and started caressing them.

Take all my underwear off, whispered Ariadne, in a very sexy voice. Colleen came round to the front, undid the clip in the front and watched in amazement as those soft black melons were freed from captivity. The nipples were already hard and erect.

She kissed and nibbled each one then dropped to her knees, and slowly pulled down her friend's matching briefs. The shaven pussy lips were already engorged, and the juices were flowing in bucket-loads down the inside of her thighs. The scent was heavenly as Colleen pressed her nose into the V.

Wait, said Ariadne, I want to undress you first, and proceeded to do so. 

They got on the bed and into the 69 position, and both girls simultaneously opened up her friend's pussy with thumbs.

Licking of peehole was next, the flat of the tongue on clit next, followed by 1, 2 and 3 fingers in the cunt hole.

I need to pee, said Colleen. Miss Edna told me she has a special way of doing it with you. So Ariadne sat on the toilet bowl, Colleen sat astride on her lap, kissed her passionately, and started pissing on her cootie. Then they swapped around. The last 100ml was given as a pee drink, as they squatted over each other's mouths.

Colleen happened to have her home-made strap-on in her bag, and Ariadne was amazed as she'd never seen one or even imagined anything like it. She lay back on the bed with her legs high, knees squashing her boobies. Her arsehole opened up nicely, and didn't need any lubrication it seemed as Colleen pushed it in. There was a bit of initial resistance but Colleen said: Just push as if you are trying to poo. The 6 inches went up to hilt and after many thrusts, both girls orgasmed. The dildo had to be cleaned before Colleen could pump Ariadne doggy style in her pussy. Then roles were reversed, receiver became giver.

These sessions became quite regular, until Ariadne got a boyfriend, and she realised a real cock could spurt inside her, whereas a dildo can't - and that sensation was very important to her for quality of orgasm

However, Ariadne passed on Colleen's address to Edna after she left to go back to her own country, and the latter remained penfriends for a long time.

This is an edited version of what she wrote in one letter

At 22, Colleen went to uni to study art (she was great with watercolours, acrylics and pastels), and had many wonderful lesbian flings. She also tried a few guys just to test if she really was on a one way street, but found all of them so vapid and shallow. However, she had a lot of male friends - just none for relationships.

But the one she eventually fell for - hook, line and sinker - was her room-mate, a white redhead girl called (amazingly) Collette. However, most people called her Etty.

Their friendship didn't get off to a great start when they both thought they had been assigned as a single occupant of a normally double room and were miffed as they both arrived at the same time to move in. The housing admin secretary was unsympathetic and said there was a shortage of campus spaces; told them if it was really important to them to be alone, to flip a coin to see who would find private housing off-campus (more expensive and geographically not so convenient).

Both girls just shrugged their shoulders and decided to simply get on with it. That tells you a lot about their characters and personalities. They moved their belongings inside and hugged each other in relief for a long time.

That evening, Colleen was stripping off to get ready to go in the shower, and Etty was surreptitiously staring at her as she was quite inexperienced and naive. She'd never seen a naked body, male or female, certainly not a black one. Coll's round and full black breasts, with big upturned nipples fascinated her, and the glimpses of pink between the intersection of her dark thighs intrigued her.

Put your long tongue away and come in the shower with me, Ett, as I'd like you to wash everything you're staring at.

Etty was very embarrassed she'd been caught and decided the only way out of this awkward situation was to go for a walk. So she picked up her coat.

No, really, it's alright, Etty. I love showing off my body. And told her what she'd done in Edna's class all those years ago.

Etty said: You can squirt? So can I. I thought I was abnormal. It's part of the reason I'm so shy. It's wonderful to know someone else does it too. Can you undress me please, Coll?

She had a great body with smallish breasts and cherry nips, a flat stomach and a full thatch of red curly pubes, a very tight but long cleft, and lovely puckered arsehole. Colleen had a mental photograph of that last one pasted up on the inside of her forehead, for constant referring to at all times.

She encouraged Etty to wash every part of her body, including inside her pussy. Then did the same to her, and the feeling of her half grapefruit breasts was unlike anything she'd ever experienced before. Those nipples became almost almost a centimetre long when she was excited - which was now.

Etty bent over and Coll washed between her checks, putting a soapy pinky finger 1-2 cm inside which caused her to breathe in sharply.

It was clear she was unsure about the layout of her body, so they put a mirror on the floor, and thanks to Miss Edna's lessons Coll was able to fill in the missing information, as well correcting some untruths. (She thought you could get pregnant from getting semen in the mouth.) In her late teen years, Colleen had taken out books from the library, to find out things that Miss Edna couldn't possibly have known herself as she was only a general teacher, not a specialist one. Not her fault.

The joke about 'put long tongue away' was actually quite spookily correct as she had an incredibly long, thin and flexible tongue. Colleen squatted over her on the bed so Etty could examine her more closely, and the latter used that organ in her mouth to great effect, especially in Colleen's peehole. The orgasm was somehow different to a vaginal or clitoral one, and she resolved to find out more about sounders to insert into that orifice.

Coll found Etty's pussy really sweet to eat. Despite having closed outer labia, the inner lips were quite long and dangly, but pushed up inside usually. When Etty peed, they fell down and flapped about. Again, she thought she was deformed and abnormal, hence the fact she had never had a boyfriend or girlfriend as she was worried they would find out and dump her.

Colleen was fascinated playing with, licking and chewing them. Etty orgasmed and she too said it was different to vagina or clit stimulation. Similarly, she could also come by her or someone else tweaking her nipples.

The next night they continued their games with stimulation using dildos, and a battery vibrator. Colleen also had recently bought a professionally made strap on with interchangeable different length and shape penis substitutes. (The home-made one had served her well for years but had eventually disintegrated)

Etty was the first recipient and assessor of its capability, front and back. She tried it on Colleen who squealed loud orgasms in delight.

They also had squirting contests (winner was different each day), and collected their ejaculates in separate unlabelled glass jars in the fridge, so they could sup from their own or partner's juice during the day.

They liked to play jokes on their friends when they came round by 'forgetting' to put milk in their coffee or tea. 

It's in the fridge. In a jar. Help yourself. It's special organic dairy-free, they said. And tried not to giggle when they looked at each other.

2) Etty goes off on a tangent

by StackofBooks

(679 words)

Although they had wonderful times together (and some lesbian threesomes and moresomes), they both agreed that they would get their own rooms the next academic year.

Colleen certainly had other fish to fry but definitely wanted to stay on the lesbian side of the street. Collette however, now that her confidence, self-esteem and sexual knowledge was greater wanted to try swimming in some hetero rivers.

So she did eventually get a single room on campus. Although she wasn't so desperate to find someone quickly, in her first week of term, she got chatting to a red-headed guy called James in the college coffee shop. He preferred to be known as Jim, and his family name was Tangent. (Hers was Sine, but actually pronounced Seen-ah. Weird, huh?)

Turned out they had a lot in common: only child, from the same large town, but different sides, fathers both engineers, mothers both teachers - one secondary, the other primary. They had the same tastes in music (James Taylor, Carole King), and enjoyed the same foods, as long as it was cooked from scratch and not bought as the processed version. His speciality was lasagne, and she did a darn good Thai curry.

Indeed, on their first two dates in her room, that's what they ate. She had her long red hair in pigtails. Like all men, when he looked at her centre parting with its white scalp showing, he equated it to what her pussy cleft might look like. But he was a gentleman, not a bull in a china shop and knew to go slowly.

She however really wanted sex of the male kind, but was too shy and reserved to push for it. Stalemate. The ice was broken a couple of weeks later when Colleen popped round to borrow something and disturbed them in the middle of a hugging session. She immediately picked up on what was going on and decided that reticence on both parts wasn't going to get them anywhere.

She encouraged Jim to take her top off and massage her boobs. Her to take his shirt off and caress his hairy chest. To take her bra off and tweak those nipples. To take his trousers down and touch his package. Take her skirt off and rub her pussy. Take his undies off and give his dick (it was a nice one!!) some rubs and kisses. Gently pull her knickers down and off, and maybe stick a finger or two inside.

When she knew their motors were running, she silently let herself out and returned to her own apartment. Her new lezzy girlfriend room-mate was out, so she had a good wanking session and filled up a whole jar with ejaculate. When Jackie got home, she shared what she'd seen. Jacks got on the strap-on and pretended to be Jim with a deep voice which had them rolling on the floor giggling for 5 minutes. Coll then did an imitation of Etty's little girl voice and another timeout was called. Eventually they got down to business and emulated what was happening a few streets away.

Jim found her extended pussy lips very exciting and asked her to walk about the apartment with no underwear so he could see them dangling. Their favourite game  to play was that he would 'faint' face up as she walked into the room and she walked over him so he could see them flapping. Or she would squat down and see if he could get to lick them before she got up again.

She even got up enough courage to go outside knickerless with him, wearing a short skirt. She would flash him occasionally, sometimes even pulling her pussy lips and flaps apart. He enjoyed when she peed like that. Out walking, he would take photos and videos of her peeing and shitting. He was able to produce big turds which she liked to examine. Her best video was him spunking over her bare feet on a picnic table, with her red-haired quim in the background.

3)Sally and Mary go trigonometric

by StackofBooks

(492 words)

Etty and Jim (surnames Sine and Tangent respectively, if you remember from their last story) went on holiday to a different part of the country and were walking around the local park. They saw a black man strolling with two girls, one black and about 10, the other white and possibly 14. The three approached the two.

"Hello. I'm Sally and this is my adopted sister Mary. Our dad is called John. We have a hobby which is watching people pee. And them watching us if they want to. Pee drinks are especially nice. Would you like to have some fun with us? You look a nice couple. Are you married?"

"I'm Etty and this is Jim. No, we're not even engaged yet, although thinking about it. We go to uni together in BLEEPtown and are vacationing here. We love pee and poop games and would be glad to join you."

So they found a very secluded place and first they looked at John's penis which Sally unzipped and both teens caressed it as it peed. Etty took off her sandals and directed the flow onto her tootsies. Mary and Sally thought that was a great idea and did the same. Although Jim was not gay, he found it interesting to see another man pee, and had never seen a black man's wang. He even took hold of the massive 5cm wide shaft and pointed the flow for 10-15 secs.

He got more interested when the teens asked him to undress them. They laid the students on the floor and offered him and Etty a pee drink. He loved looking at their little cooties - his partner likewise. Etty did the same for the girls and John, and he asked the redhead to pause while he looked inside and played with her flaps. Those and the red pubes were a new experience for him.

The three girls knelt side by side on the grass thrusting their different size boobies at Jim, and he covered them in his amber nectar.

They lay on their backs and Jim wanked off onto their young kitties, ensuring each of them got an equal dose. They scooped up every globule and rubbed it into each other's toes.

The two youngest told their visitors they had a last special treat. Boyfriend and girlfriend laid down on their backs side by side as Sally and Mary released 10 inch turds onto their chests. The odour was quite acceptable.

Although shy about it, and feeling a bit inadequate, they each produced 5 inchers which Sally and Mary caught in their bare hands. (They used antibacterial wipes afterwards.) What was interesting was that Jim pushed out most of his pee first, whereas Etty had most of her urine ejected after the log came out. They examined all the stools and there was a lot of discussion about them as they poked them with sticks.

4) Three course meal

by StackofBooks

(1875 words)

After many weeks of deliberation, Jennifer finally picked up the courage to call John's special number. She gave her name to the secretary as Victoria (like the Victoria's Secret panties she had given him) and a date was booked at a luxury hotel.

Sally, although slightly miffed it had been Mary who had been on the mission instead of her, was delighted to get two pairs of knickers from that day out in the country. When she learned they were from mother and daughter, she sniffed them hard and imagined what their pussies looked like. (John was ambivalent as he wasn't into that sort of fetish.) She wanked off time and time again with them, and hid them well so her mother would not find them and start asking awkward questions.

Jen told Sam about the appointment and she really was in two minds. First, she wanted her mum to be alone to experience what was going to happen, but she really did want to see and hold that monster again and have it piss against her young boobs and teen pussy, maybe even her arsehole as she pooped. It was all she'd been dreaming about for weeks.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when she accidentally saw her dad get out of the shower and felt ashamed that she was the result of that micro-cock spunking in her mother's womb 15 years ago.

"Mum, does it get any bigger when it's hard?

"Not really, dear. Both sets of parents advocated no sex before marriage, so I only found out the truth on our wedding night. Since you were conceived, we've had an understanding that I can get bigger meat anytime I want, as long as I don't get pregnant. That's why I have a coil fitted."

So mother and daughter pressed the buttons on Mr Micro-penis' credit card, and got some new sexy underwear, nice dresses and of course designer shoes. Not to mention pedicure and nail salon. He was quite well endowed in the bank balance department.

And she told her mum about her fantasy with John's urine.

John wanted Mary and Sally to view but not participate in proceedings but couldn't risk hiding them in the room. So he arranged for some hidden hi-res cameras to be installed with many viewing angles with audio and tape recording in the adjacent room. He didn't tell them anything before the day. In the afternoon, he instructed them to get ready to go to the pictures with him, but wouldn't be drawn on which film they would watch.

Jen and Sam dolled themselves up on the day, and travelled to the hotel by taxi. Sam had butterflies in her stomach, Jennifer's were in her pussy. The mâitre d' seated them in a quiet corner and explained Mr John would not be joining them as he wanted them just to enjoy everything. Price is no object, and to take their time. After they had let their food go down to ask the hotel receptionist and she would direct them to his suite.

The meal was amazing: starter was a seafood platter; main was grilled chicken for mum, rare beefsteak for the daughter. They had a pause for 15 minutes and then both plumped for Black Forest Gateaux. Jen drank white wine, Sam the same but diluted 50/50 with mineral water.

They retired to the lounge and recalled the events of that day in the park. Sam realised she was on her period again, but had a plan.

Eventually, the bellboy escorted them to Suite 309. He let them in and told them to help themselves to anything from the minibar, no charge. They each took a fruit juice.

Soon John appeared, dressed immaculately as usual, and smelling fragrant. He hugged them warmly and sat them down. He'd deposited Mary and Sally next door without his guests' knowledge and told them to put on headphones and watch the screen. Sally, knowing her dad so well, knew what he was up to and with whom. Mary was completely in the dark - until she saw and recognised the two ladies and the penny dropped. Sally mockingly put a finger under her friend's jaw and lifted it up to close it.

John said: "Welcome ladies. I'm so glad you came. You especially, Sam. I guess it was 50/50, huh? (She nodded) I want you to know that the meal I paid for in no way means I buy you. Both of you are free to leave any time you like, no questions asked. OK? (They both nodded) I wish to explain that Mary is not my daughter, not even my adopted one. But I do have a real daughter who is 10 and they're both friends. Sally and I also go cruising and I hope you meet her sometime - but not tonight, she's at the movies.

Now on that day we met, we sort of called all the shots. Tonight, you say what happens or doesn't. I am putty in your hands. I reiterate - you can bale out at any time with no consequences. Clear?"

Sam cleared her throat and said: "John, you're such a nice man. Do you remember I had a bit…of a technical problem that day down below? It's the same tonight. Would you undress me carefully please and attend to my needs? And kiss me all over. Then spray your pee all over me, especially on my arsehole."

He sat beside her and gently started disrobing her: shoes, then dress, then bra, then knickers, where he could see the string hanging out from her lovely teen pussy. "You can keep your hat on" he said. (She didn't understand the reference but her mum explained later.) He went to the bathroom for some tissues and wet wipes. She scooted forward on the sofa and opened her legs and he gently pulled the very bloody tampon out and put it in the tissues. Cleaned up any traces of blood on her genital area, and took everything back to the bathroom. When he returned she was lying flat on her back and he applied the kiss equivalent of a pedicure to her body. Special attention to boobs and nips, then pussy and clit. He asked to keep her knickers and she weed a bit on them to improve the 'smellability'. All this time, Jen had hitched up her skirt and was diddling herself.

Sam said:"John, can I take you into the bathroom, undress you, and let me feel your warm fluid on me?

When he was naked, she took him into her mouth, taking in the whole mushroom head. She was no shrinking violet now!! She drank about 50ml but the taste was a little bit too strong for her. He tried to release as slowly as possible so as not to overwhelm her. She directed the stream onto each tit and he observed her nipples pushing out and getting harder. Then she sat on a stool and the flow went onto her clit and she tried to push her flaps apart and take the head partially inside. The urine filled up her entire vaginal cavity. She was squealing regular orgasms. Then she got on all fours and she spread her bum cheeks with both hands, and he pushed as hard as possible to force a high pressure on her puckered ring while she pooped a 3-incher. As a finale he pushed his pinky finger in up to the second knuckle and Sam roared out a final orgasm. She rinsed, dried off and had a break in the living room and some sips of water. John also rinsed off some nice smelling shower gel.

"Well, I have to admit I thought I'd never see my daughter do anything like that, but it was very erotic. Next time - without a meal included - I'd like the same please. Sam, when you're ready would you get John erect and lubed up and do the same for me. We've been practising on me with large dildos and KY and I hope I can do it. Maybe we can try in the missionary position as I think my vaginal tube will be flatter than when I bend over forwards and take it from behind." He agreed.

Sam did a fine job of getting him hard with rubbing and sucks and kisses. It is the peak of human pleasure to have any woman do that to you, but a beautiful 18 year old teen just puts the cherry on the cake. Like I said before, they should have 'comfort centres' in each town and city to provide this service. Free of charge, of course. 

Jennifer lay on the big soft bed, and Sam kneeling beside, not just for companionship and support, but so she could see that big black thingy go in all the way. (She was already planning that any potential husband showed her his equipment beforehand. She didn't know where she stood on the no sex before marriage thing.)

John knelt in front of Jen, gave a kiss massage all over, and whispered a few sweet nothings in her ear. But she told him to just get on with it. I've got a train to catch, she joked. He started to push his tip in and she came immediately. Bit by bit it went in and finally his balls were touching her pubes. A few up and down strokes and he came with about 5-6 very large squirts onto her cervix which she felt and had a mini orgasm. All this time Sam was rubbing her clit and inserting fingers and almost every cum that Jen experienced was echoed by her daughter. She could see her mum's distended belly.

They stayed locked together like a dog and a bitch who were knotted, then he found some extra urine and mixed it with his spunk. He gently withdrew, and Sam cleaned him up with her tongue, then a towel. (She was amazed to realise that a monster dick is about the same size whether flaccid or erect.) Without being instructed, she knelt between her mum's legs and cleaned her out, sometimes swallowing, sometimes feeding her mum.


As a finale, Jen gave them both a pee drink, and sprayed both John and Sam (a first with her daughter, with many more to come probably) as they lay on the shower floor.

Just before they left, Samantha let John watch her as she inserted a new tampon in her pussy, something he'd never seen before. (She had decided to contact him to visit him on a weekly basis without telling her mum in order to get regular pee showers. Maybe masturbate and pee for him.) They exited.

He went to see the girls next door and they were in the throes of ecstasy and 69ing each other. He found that Jen had secretly stuffed her panties in his pocket (along with Sam's which were already there) and she'd squeezed 10ml on them. What he especially noted was a large thick line of almost dried now white pussy cream in the gusset. Showing how excited she had been. Sally received them with pleasure to lick later.

5) Margey household gets some Chinese

by StackofBooks

(1669 words)

Read Margey Household Books 1-5 for more background

Me (Steve), Margey (my Mexican descent partner & lover), and her 3 daughters from previous relationships Franny, Suze and Beth were still living in the same house with a swimming pool and pee stains on the grass. (They never did really go away. That was a bad decision on my part. Someone must have been peeing out battery acid!!)

Don't ask what their exact ages were. I could never keep up - it was a merry-go-round. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning. Super-efficient Margey was like a walking computer. Without looking at any notes she'd say: so-and-so's birthday next week and the day after we go to Brian and Jean. Who the hell are they? For me, it was an accomplishment to put on socks of the same colour in the morning…

Margey's eldest, Molly, had been living at her fiance's Ben's mother's (Andrea) house, but had moved out to their own place a few months ago. They hadn't said anything but it seemed as if they were going to try for a baby.

Down the street of the small cul-de-sac we lived on, near its entrance, there'd been an empty house for about half a year. But one day, we saw moving vans, and later on that day Margey and I walked down and did our Mr Rogers good neighbourly thing, with beers, wine and cupcakes. (I'd made them!!)

They were a Chinese family: Ken, Martha & teenager Sandy. They were happy to see us, and we helped to move their boxes to the right places and Ken and I put the beds together and did other manly DIY things. We sat down on their 3 piece suite and shared getting to know you information.

We invited them up to our place the next night to enjoy our pool and the pee stains. (They didn't get the joke until they saw the lawn and we explained how it happened.)

Turns out they had just bought the local Chinese restaurant/takeaway, and in return for the lovely double choc-chip cupcakes with vanilla frosting would bring up some bags of food. They assumed Margey had made them. Me being humble didn't disabuse them. Her being still angry with me after our little disagreement that morning (nothing serious) chose not to give me the credit.

Now most Chinese and Asian women in general are fairly flat chested, but Martha had a big pair of bazookas. She hardly ever wore a bra, like now, and her nips were poking through. I longed to motorboat them. (Was one of my favourite things to do to Margey in bed. Guess I was in the doghouse right now and wouldn't be getting any nookie for a while…)

Sandy was already quite developed and looked like she might surpass her mother at some point. She was a chatty kid and competed with Franny for being sharp as a tack.

We left them to get on with things. When we got home, Margey said vehemently: When are you going to do something about these FUCKING pee stains??

She doesn't swear at all usually (only in her own language which I can't understand) so I was quite shocked.

Now the problem with Margey is that she cannot keep a deadpan face. The corners of her mouth twitched and she was a gonner. "Whenever you buy me the right stuff from the FUCKING gardening store!!" I replied.

We fell about laughing and rolled about about in each other's arms on the aforementioned grass. Franny leaned out of her bedroom window with her boyfriend Chris looking out too and said: Hell you two, get a FUCKING room, stressing the swear word as she'd heard us say it and knew we couldn't really tell her off for it.

Margey said to me quietly: "I'm gonna put another pee stain down, but if you want you can get a pee drink instead" she said.

She squatted down and I scooted under her. She teased me a few times by moving, then eventually pulled her knickers to one side and gave me 100ml. Today it was quite a nice flavour. Chris was still gazing out the window. He knew our piss fetishes by now of course, but he was particularly partial to Margey's for some reason, however strong it was.

Margey saw him looking and said: "Greedy guts. You've had three from me today!"

(Sotto voce again) "Steve, I'm sorry I didn't tell the Wangs you made those cupcakes. I'll inform them tomorrow and put the record straight. And you can buy what you suggested this morning even though I'm not happy about it." 

So *that's* what the barney was all about, you all say. Thing is, as I write this, I can't remember what the item was now or why it was so contentious.

And we retired for the night.

The following evening, the Chinese food was very varied and delicious. It was always my birthday treat from ages 5-20 to go to Chinese restaurants. My uncle used to tease me by telling me Chinese waiters were sometimes very rude at the end of the meal and might tell us to fuck off. Sure enough, after the dessert, one would say: You for coffee? You? How many fuckoffee?

Sandy jumped in the pool with Beth and Suze and they became great friends there and then. Franny and Chris joined them, but not for long, to sneak back for another fuck session. I called out to their retreating backs: There are giant pandas that mate faster than you two!! Franny stuck two fingers up at me and Chris pulled down his shorts and mooned me. I decided I would spank Franny the next day for her insolence. Problem is, she would enjoy the multiple orgasms too much. I would find another way to take down Chris, the little shit.

I took a good look at little Sandy as she swam a few lengths. Really nice boobs, and a lickable cameltoe. Quite a few black hairs poking up above the top of her bikini bottoms up to her navel.

A few days later, I was on my own in the garden reading a book. Everyone was out. Sandy came by and asked to use the pool. I said: you know by now you don't need to ask.

About an hour later, she screamed and came running towards me. I thought she'd been stung by a bee or wasp maybe.

"Are you hurt? What's happened?"

She started crying and hugged me.

"I've cut myself. Look!"

"And I've dirtied your water", and that seemed to be the biggest reason she was so upset, as if she might be banned for ever from our pool.

"I was told to seek a responsible adult if it happened. (And in her best Franny-sassy voice) Hey mister, are you responsible?"

Despite her false bravado, I could tell she was quite frightened, and I ignored her insult.

Her parents were still at the restaurant, as there was a lot of work to do before they could open.

"Come inside and we'll get you sorted. But you don't mind if I see you naked?"

"Oh no, I trust you Steve, your daughters tell me you're safe and are very caring."

So we trooped inside, stood her in the bath tub, pulled her knickers off, and sprayed her with warm water. For some reason, she pulled off her bikini top too and I got an eyeful. (She admitted much later she knew she was an exhibitionist and wanted to test me to see if I would ravish her. Little did she know I nearly did.) I asked her to sit on the side of the tub and asked permission to look inside to check if there was any damage. She said, Go ahead. Her pussy was quite open naturally, and I could see her peehole and unbroken hymen. The hairs on her pudenda were quite long and numerous and they framed her gash nicely.

I got a clean flannel and put a little bit of disinfectant and warm water on if and told her to wash her insides. "Can you do it, Steve? It feels so nice when you touch me."

So I did, and played the ball of my thumb over her clit and she shivered maybe her first orgasm. Another quick rinse with plain water and drying off and she was done. I told her to run into Suze's room and choose a clean pair of knickers, and meanwhile I sought out the thin panty pads. Her mum had prepared her well as she knew what to do, but not totally expertly as she'd not had a lot of practice.

She pulled them on and checked them for fit and comfort. She skipped away again to get a training bra, but it was too small for her so she had to get one of Franny's old ones.

She enjoyed watching me as she put it on, stuffing the smooth young flesh into the cups.

She hugged me and said: "Thanks Steve. I know what you do in your family and mine also like that sort of thing. I need to pee so can I give you it all?"

She pushed me on the floor and squatted over my mouth. She pulled down the fresh panties and delivered a huge load. It tasted so, so nice. And here's the weird thing: at the start of the delivery, she grabbed my hand, sucked my index finger, and fed it into her anus. And that was always our ritual: pee drink and finger up the bum.

I checked her pad before she went home and there were a few spots but nothing to worry about. I asked her if she had any pain in her belly and she said no.

The next day, we had a party for her, but she was pissed she couldn't swim.

6) Chris' proposal

by StackofBooks

(726 words)

He was becoming an integral part of the family, and wasn't just a hanger-on (a c(K)lingon as we disparagingly called them) but helped out in so many ways, usually without being asked.

He stacked and unstacked the dishwasher after all the meals, was quite good at the gardening (which I hate), mowed the lawns (hate with a vengeance), washed the cars, and took care of the swimming pool, which saved us a lot of money. He was a godsend to Margey because she was rushed off her feet a lot of the time. The 3 siblings did most of the laundry. He refused to take any money, but I gave extra to Franny and she bought what he needed and wanted without revealing the source. He was none the wiser. And here's the thing - he wasn't doing it for Brownie points or to curry favour - he was just a very nice lad. As long as he got his pee drinks from his future mum-in-law, he was OK .

Revenge is sweet especially when served cold!! 

One night after a delicious and great family dinner (which he had mostly prepared), with Ben & Molly as well, Chris said during a lull in the conversation: "Steve, Margey, I'd like to ask you for Franny's hand in marriage. We were at Andrea's house when we first met and knew it was right almost immediately. Ben told me what he'd said to you about his feelings and commitment to Molly. I echo those sentiments, but am not clever or worthy enough to better them. So please give us permission."

I sat silent for a while and contemplated. Then the idea came to me.

I pretended to get really angry and it shocked everyone. I stood up to my full 6'2" and said:

"Listen, fuckface. I don't want your sort around here!"

Margey and Franny tried to intervene with concern on their faces, but I shushed them.

"As it happens, I've been on the phone today to the police."

(His father had disappeared without trace 5 years ago without being heard of and deep down he was still cut up about it but tried not to show it or let it affect him.)

"Turns out your dad got done for a bank robbery in Portugal just after he left you. 2 people died from his gun. 3 million Euro was taken. He was tracked down in Italy not long after the raid but because he was on a false passport and changed features, they didn't know who he really was. Until now - with DNA.. He's being extradited tomorrow and still has 20 years of his sentence without parole to complete.

So I don't want you fucking my Franny any more, son of a criminal."

Leave this place RICHT FUCKING NOW and never set foot on my property again. If you do, I'll cut your dick off with this carving knife. (Brandished it in a menacing manner. The girls screamed as they thought I gone mad. The colour had drained out of his face.)

"But if you do come this way again, expect this." And I mooned him.

"And fuck you Franny for choosing a loser of a boyfriend" and I stuck two fingers up at her.

Then the penny dropped with everyone regarding the garden incident with them a few months before. Soon there were gales of laughter and I walked over to him, shook his hand and said: "Welcome to the family, son. You do realise you'll have to wear the 'Prick with a Fork" apron as penance from now on?

Margey hugged him and officially gave him permission as everyone (including Chris) actually knew I had no legal or moral right to do so. I couldn't believe everyone was so gullible.

Half an hour later people were still laughing. We just had to look in another's eye and it started up again.

I'd had a present prepared as I felt in my waters the announcement might be coming. (I'm not a total dimbo, you know.) I took a small jeweller's box from the sideboard and gave it to them. Two matching silver chain bracelets with 'Franny and Chris' engraved on them. Later on I would get today's date added. The man also added the emojis for a pair of buttocks and the V-sign.

7) The belly button trick

Chinese girl Sandy from next door was learning a lot of sassiness from her 'adopted' sister Franny who took her under a wing a bit. She was the only one allowed into her room as Chris fucked, peed and pooped on her, and learnt a lot in the process. Although she was too young for intercourse, she liked to get him hard to mount Franny. And even when she was out, he loved spending ours staring into her young teen cunt and licking.  (The two engaged lovers trusted each other and she didn't mind.) Soon of course she learned to fellate him, and admitted she did it on her dad often, of her own free will and was usually the instigator. She loved the taste of his jism, and being so young could produce a lot in a day.

Sandy was about the only one who could drink my pee, even early morning ones (butt only 50ml or so). And her drink for me always  came with my finger up the bumhole.

Sandy and my two girls of the same age spent a lot of time playing together, the normal girly things with dollies and so forth. One day Suze's period started with quite a lot of blood, but Sandy handled it with consummate ease without need a responsible adult. (She teased me by saying she'd crossed me off that list as I was too infatuated with her boobies. So rude.)

We reminded both girls about not putting spunk stained fingers near their pussies without washing them first, as there was a s small risk of pregnancy and they were too young for any kind of birth control.

But they liked to play pee and poop games too, and invited me one day to join them. They stripped me naked and all 3 who had filled up with water until bursting point pissed all over me as they stood up. Occasionally they did me while I was still fully clothed which was a new experience. On their own they did a lot of pooping together, and started up a nice collection on paper plates. They loved discussing them. 

Ken & Martha's restaurant opened, and he had a good and trustworthy staff and the couple were able to take time off. They whiled away a few afternoons at our place when everyone else was at school or out.

After learning about how the pee stains were caused they decided to add more. One day, without saying anything, in the middle of a conversation about how the kids were doing at school, they got on the grass and gave each other a pee drink. They then stripped and started fucking each other hard and very passionately. It was very erotic. Before Margey and I could get down to it, they suggested swapping partners, and I got the chance to motorboat Martha. Ken did the same on Margey and she came strongly.

All were fucking and giving each other drinks. While Martha gave some to Margey, Ken and I swapped

fluids, and then held each other and pissed on the grass, crossing streams and sword-fighting them. 

The parents related a story that one day long ago, they were bathing the baby Sandy, and one of them (they always disagreed for evermore about who it was) pushed her belly button - and she thought that was the signal to start peeing. Even to this day, as a teen she still responded to this stimulus.

One day, it was just me and and the now teenaged Sandy sunbathing in the garden, both naked. We were just chatting about everyday non-sexual things. During a lull in the conversation, I pressed her belly button - and as if on cue, a fountain rose up from her. I put my mouth over it and hoovered it up.

"They told you, didn't they?, she spluttered.

"Well, yes they did. But it's cute!"

And any time after that she was rude to me, sassy or downright difficult, all I had to do was press her belly button.

All the other members of the family got to hear of it, and did the same to her. Very annoying if she was already clothed, as she then had to go and shower and change.

As we rested, they told how they became a pee-loving family.

One day, when Sandy was a baby of about 9 months old, Ken accidentally poked her gently just above the belly button. For some reason, she thought that was the signal to pee. He lifted her up and drank her sweet nectar.

A few days later, quite coincidentally, Martha was naked in the bath with the little one, and beeped her finger on the same spot. Her pale yellow liquid spurted out and the mother directed it on to her boobs.

Not long after, the were washing her together. One or other of the parents (they forever disagree about whose fault it was) gave her the start signal in that same place. More urine escaped. The two looked at each other, and knew the other one knew.

All through her infant years, she did the same thing. By then, she knew how to stop it of her own accord, but always there came out at least 50ml or so.

The two parents thus discovered they enjoyed watching her piss - not only her, but each other. As well as drinking the little girl's output, they drank each other in the shower, in the bath or on the toilet.

In the Chinese community, this kind of fetish is rare and rather frowned upon. But they didn't care. Fun and games both inside and outdoors ensued. And now, they were so happy to meet another family like ours that shared their passion.

Back to the present.

One day, it was just me and and the now teenaged Sandy sunbathing in the garden, both naked. We were just chatting about everyday non-sexual things. During a lull in the conversation, I pressed her belly button - and as if on cue, a fountain rose up from her. I put my mouth over it and hoovered it up.

"They told you, didn't they?, she spluttered.

"Well, yes they did. But it's cute!"

And any time after that she was rude to me, sassy or downright difficult, all I had to do was press her belly button.

All the other members of the family got to hear of it too, and did the same to her. Very annoying if she was already clothed, as she then had to go and shower and change.

End of Book 6

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