Part 26: Video

Part 26: Video

Episode II
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 26: Video

Holly and I had come up with the idea of making another porno. Just to have fun with it. I (and you) know how much Holly enjoys putting on a show. Besides, doesn’t every couple have a collection of home made pornos? So we set out to make another porno. We enlisted help of course. Stephanie and Holly would be starring, and I would be leading. Sandy would be the camerawoman. Back from our porn days, like a couple months ago, I had gotten editing software and such. I had wanted to use it and this gave me another chance to learn. Holly and I sat down and created a professional looking video. It has title screens, and other presentation devices. It is cut up rather well, and then we put it to music. Then we showed the finished product to Stephanie and Sandy, as we all watched together.

“You guys ready?” Holly asked, as Steph and Sandy sat down on the couch. “We’re ready” Stephanie said. Holly pushed the tape into the VCR, and came back sitting with me. “So what’s so good about this?” Sandy asked us. “You taped it you should know” I said. “Quiet, its starting” Holly said.

A Black screen fades into titles; “John and Holly Studios presents” then to another “Nympho Sluts: Addicted to Cock”. Then comes the credits. “Starring John” as it shows a still photo of my semi-erect cock, “Holly Hotty” showing a sexy picture from behind her, and she is sexily looking back at the camera, “Stephanie Suxit” showing the same picture of Holly, with Stephanie’s face obviously superimposed over Holly’s.

The screen then fades into Holly and Stephanie sitting on the couch. I am sitting in the rocking chair, the camera over my shoulder so you can’t see me. Holly is wearing tight black shorts, and a tight white t-shirt, no bra. Stephanie is wearing a little red skirt, and a sexy lace shirt that barely covers her tits. The camera zooms in on their faces. “Hi, I’m Holly” as she pushes her tits up with her hands. “And I’m Stephanie” then Steph slowly licks her lips. “And what are you girls here for?” I ask, still off camera. “We’re here to get fucked” Holly said. “and suck cock” Stephanie said. “And take it in the ass” Holly said. “Tell me about yourselves” I instruct. “We are twenty year old nymphos” Stephanie said, slow and sexy. “We’re addicted to cock” Holly said, a big smile on her face, staring into the camera. “Addicted to cock?” I ask, in a surprised voice. “Oh yeah” They say in unison. Then there is about a two second flash, from later in the video, one second of Holly with my cock in her mouth, and one second of Steph with my cock in her mouth. Then it goes right back to them on the couch. “You two are hot little sluts” I said. “Can we just get to the fucking?” Holly asks me. The screen fades to black.

Fade in to Holly and Stephanie standing in front of me. The camera is now to the side, so I am in the picture, sitting down. Stephanie lowers the fabric that covers her tits. Her shirt still on, but her breasts hanging out. Then Holly pulls her shirt up and off, her round tits, now hanging freely in the air. Holly pulls her black shorts off, revealing just a black thong. Stephanie takes off her skirt, now with just a pink thong. The camera, in Sandy’s hands, moves to behind the sexy duo. Sandy drops down to her knees, the camera only inches away from Stephanie’s lovely ass. The view of only Steph’s ass, it slowly moves over to holly’s ass. The unnecessary close-ups complete, the camera rises up to eye level again, between Steph and Holly. The view is looking down at me over their shoulders. Holly turns to Stephanie, “You want to suck his dick before we fuck him?” she whispers to Stephanie. Stephanie nods in agreement.

The screen wipes to me standing naked except boxers, both girls on their knees in front of me. The camera is just a few feet off to my left, at eye level, looking down at the duo. Holly is closest to the camera. My cock clearly visible under my boxers, then Stephanie quickly pulls my boxers down, releasing my cock. They both ‘Oooh’ and ‘ahhh’, admiring my cock. Then they both look up at me. Holly says “Do you want us to suck your cock?” in an innocent, yet sexy voice. “OOOO YEAH” I say firmly.

The view fades into me holding the camera looking straight down. Holly on my left, Stephanie on my right. Holly’s tits out, Steph still has her lace bra/shirt on. The girls in unison lick my cock slowly from base to tip. Once their tongues meet at the end of my cock, they make out for a little bit. Then Holly leans in, taking my cock into her mouth. Holly slowly deepthroats my cock, as Stephanie takes my right nut into her mouth, sucking on my sack. Holly pulls off my cock, “He tastes good” she says in a sexy voice. “Let me taste his meat” Stephanie says, thrusting her mouth down on my cock. She only takes about half of my meat into her mouth, stopping to suck and play with her tongue. Steph pulls back, “He does taste good”. The duo, swap back and forth, giving my cock a few strokes of the mouth each.

Fade to, again I am holding the camera, holly on all fours in front of me. I am on my knees behind her. Stephanie is sitting to the left of us, her face resting against Holly’s ass cheek. Stephanie is holding Holly’s ass spread wide open. “Shove that cock in her pussy” Stephanie says. I push my cock just behind Holly’s spread openings. Stephanie grabs my cock, and guides my head to Holly’s waiting slit. I lean forward, putting pressure on the opening. Stephanie’s hand slips, and my cock goes up and to Holly’s tight asshole, pushing against her opening. “oops wrong hole” Stephanie says. “You want to fuck her tight little asshole?” Stephanie asks me. “Fuck my ass hard” Holly says, facing away from us. Stephanie pulls my cock back, and spits repeatedly on Holly’s asshole. Then she shoves my cock back at her asshole. I lean forward, slowly opening her ass, anally penetrating her. “Ooooh, Fuck My ass hard” Holly says.

The screen fades to a new view. Sandy, and the camera, is sitting in front of Holly. We see holly right in front of the camera, me in the background fucking her ass, and Steph is still sitting beside Holly’s ass. Holly has her mouth wide open, as she is moaning in both pain and pleasure. Her tits are swinging back and forth beneath her. The sound of my body slapping against her ass is easily heard. It shows the ass pounding for a while.

The screen fades back to my point of view, Stephanie keeps looking into the camera, her face on top of Holly’s ass. Stephanie grabs the base of my cock, pulling me out. Steph brings my cock up, and she immediately shoves it in her mouth, taking more than half of my cock into her mouth. Steph has one hand on my shaft, as she quickly sucks and strokes me, before pushing my cock back into Holly’s tight ass. Stephanie disappears from screen for a second, then returns with the little pink toy in her hand. Stephanie turns on the vibrator and pushes it into Holly’s dripping pussy, below her penetrated ass. Holly almost immediately cums. Holly screams out loudly. “My turn” Stephanie says. Holly’s orgasm barely finished.

The screen fades to Sandy filming again. I am standing up, Stephanie standing in front of me. We are both facing towards the camera. Holly is on her knees in front of us. My arms are around Stephanie, groping her tits. “Fuck me already” Stephanie says, impatiently. I reach around with my right hand, grabbing her right thigh. I raise Stephanie’s right leg until it is sticking out to the side, and up in the air. She is standing only on her left leg, and I am holding her up. Holly sits up, grabbing my cock, and pushing it against Stephanie’s lips. I go straight into pounding her pussy. Thrusting hard into her dripping hole. Holly looks back at the camera, smiling devilishly, her face just inches from the fucking.

“Fuck her ass” Holly says. I pull back, my cock falling from Stephanie’s slit. Holly grabs my cock, underneath Steph’s pussy, and gives me a few quick strokes of the mouth. Then Holly pushes my cock against Stephanie’s asshole. I thrust forward, assfucking Stephanie. Holly, goes to eating out Stephanie, as I pound her ass hard. Sandy moves with the camera to beside us. The view from under Steph’s raised right leg, of her ass getting fucked, and only inches away Holly eating her out. It doesn’t take long before Stephanie is screaming loudly. “FUCK ME OOOO FUCK” She screams.

The view then fades to me laying on my back. The two girls standing over me. “Who wants more cock?” I ask. “I do I do” They both say. They both move towards me, Holly pushes Stephanie away. Holly squats down over my cock, facing me. Stephanie squats down over my face, facing holly. Holly starts riding my cock, her tits bouncing hard. I start eating Stephanie out, as she moans in pleasure. Holly is pounding herself hard, slapping flesh on flesh. I put my hands up to Holly’s bouncing tits. “Come on it’s my turn” Stephanie says, pleading to Holly. Panting, Holly tries to get off of me, nearly falling from her weak knees.

The view then turns to Holly on her back, breathing heavily. Stephanie comes over and positions herself into a sixty nine over Holly. They both go at each other’s pussies, moaning loudly. I go over to Stephanie’s ass/Holly’s face. Down on my knees, I line my cock up with Stephanie’s ass. Holly is eating her out just below me. I push into her ass, anally penetrating her again. The camera is just beside me, showing the penetration and oral. I lean forward, my chest over Stephanie’s back, my hands groping her tits. I am grunting loudly, both girls moaning incessantly. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” I say loudly. “Fuck My Ass” Stephanie screams out, taking her tongue out of Holly’s pussy briefly. I pull my cock out of Stephanie’s ass. The camera literally inches from the ass, face, cock combination. I reach down, stroking my cock. Holly has her head back, mouth open, under Stephanie’s legs, just below my cock. “Ya cum all over her ass, mmm” Holly says, encouraging me. “Uhhh” I grunt as I blast streams of white cum, splashing off Stephanie’s asshole, ass cheeks, and her pussy. Holly collects dripping, splashing jizz in her mouth, moaning. The thick white load covering Stephanie’s ass, and parts of Holly’s face.

I move out of the picture, Holly crawls from under Stephanie, to now crouching next to her ass. Holly licks up and down her slit and ass hole, collecting all the jizz she can, in her mouth. Her ass clean, Stephanie rolls over, now on her back. The camera follows holly up to Stephanie. Holly, on al fours beside Stephanie, positions her mouth over Stephanie’s. Holly opens her mouth, slowly dripping jizz and spit down to Stephanie’s waiting mouth, some ending up on her lips and cheeks. Then Holly descends, making out, doing more than just spit swapping. They continue making out, white liquid escaping between their tongues and lips. They are both moaning as they kiss.

The view fades to Holly and Stephanie, sitting on the floor next to each other. They have cum and spit all over their mouths and chins. “I have a surprise for you” I say, the camera right beside me. I toss a dildo at them. Holly catches it. It is a double headed dildo. Holly brings the double sided cock up, putting one of the heads in her mouth, playfully. Stephanie grabs the other end of the foot long double dildo, putting the other head in her mouth. “I’m on top” Holly says. Holly takes the dildo, moving in front of Stephanie. Holly jams the dildo in her pussy, and takes the other end, guiding it into Stephanie’s pussy, as she climbs on top of her. Holly mounts as she humps into Stephanie, Fucking both of them. They go at it for some time, thrusting in to each other, dildo inside them.

The scene turns into Holly, bouncing vertically, on the dildo inside of Stephanie. Steph is laid all the way back, Holly sitting up as she fucks them both. I step up, just to the side of Stephanie, my semi aroused cock hanging before Holly. “ I want some more cock” Holly says into the camera. “Ya more cock” Stephanie says below us. Holly reaches out grabbing my cock, pulling me to her. Holly blows me as she continues bouncing up and down, her tits bouncing as well. Stephanie cums, screaming out. Holly continues to fuck her and suck me.

The video switches to my view, as I hold the camera. I am on my knees, knees on either side of Stephanie’s torso, just below her armpits. Stephanie leans her head up, reaching for my cock. The sounds of Holly moaning are heard, assuming she is still fucking behind us. Stephanie sucks my cock, cum still on her face, her hair all messed up.

I’m still holding the camera, Stephanie still blowing me. Holly appears, on all fours in front of me. She crawls up to us, her face above Stephanie’s, her ass away from us. “Give me that cock” Holly says. Stephanie leans back, letting Holly have access. Holly moves forward, deepthroating me, Stephanie just below my cock. Holly deepthroats me for some time. “Oh fuck im gonna blow” I grunt. The camera is beside us. “Give her that cum” Stephanie says. Holly hold the head of my cock in her mouth, not moving. Stephanie reaches up and strokes my cock with one hand, while Holly holds the end I her mouth. I am moaning loudly. Then my body shakes some, and Holly moans loudly. “Ya eat his fucking cum” Stephanie says. Holly pulls her mouth off my cock, turning down to Stephanie, and dropping her mouth to Stephanie’s. They make out again, jizz running from the sides of their mouths. My cock hovers in front of their faces, some jizz still hanging from the tip. Stephanie leans forward sucking the very tip of my cock. “mmm That was good” Stephanie says, into the camera.

The screen fades to Holly and Stephanie standing naked, jizz running from their mouths down their necks. I am just off screen. “Did you girls get your fill of cock for the day?” I ask them. “I don’t know” Stephanie says. “I think I could take some more cock” Holly says into the camera. “You guys want some more?” I ask them. The girls look at each other. The screen goes blank. “To be continued” Flashes on the screen, and it goes black.

“What did you think?” I ask Stephanie and Sandy, sitting in the other couch. I was too into watching the movie, that I hadn’t noticed that they both hand their hands down their pants. “I’m all wet” Holly said into my ear. “Want to do something about it?” I asked her. “Oh yeah” she said to my ear again. Holly unzipped my pants, and pulled my already hard cock out. Holly, wearing just a black skirt and panties, mounts me. She pulls her panties aside, impaling her pussy on my cock. She is already very wet. I look to the other couch. Stephanie and Sandy are making out, with their hands down each other’s pants now. Holly fucks me hard. Her pussy grinding into me on every stroke. She is bouncing on my lap, her tits bouncing inside her shirt. After fucking for some time, Holly cums, drowning my cock in juices. Her pussy milking my cock gets my to the edge of coming. Holly gets up, and pulls me to the other couch. Stephanie is on Sandy in much the same way Holly was just on me. They both have nothing on below the waist, their pussies grinding together, and their hands playing about. I get behind the couch. Stephanie is facing my cock, but has her eyes closed. Sandy is looking at Stephanie, not knowing I am behind her. Holly strokes my cock quickly, then aims me. I blast my cum straight over Sandy’s head, some landing in her hair atop her head. The blasts hitting Stephanie in the face, and her shirt. More white jizz keeps coming, landing all about, their shirts, faces, even down to their pubic regions as they play with themselves. Stephanie opens her eyes in surprise from the first blast. Surprised, but not shocked. Stephanie moans as I cum on them. “We should have cameramen follow us around all the time” Holly says to me, smiling widely, my cock still in her hand. “So, what happens in the sequel?” Stephanie asks me, cum faced.

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