My Little Playmate

My Little Playmate

My Little Playmate

By BerkshireRay

Chapter 1

I’d been fantasising about it for ages and now I’d decided the time was right.

I’d bought a house in Hereford, a couple of miles outside a small village and half a mile from the nearest neighbour. I spent a month preparing for my chosen playmate. I’d made the cellar secure with a reinforced door and strong locks and furnished it with a double bed that I’d chosen for it’s robust metal frame, suitable for attaching restraints to and a padded table with stirrups and leather ties for feet and hands. I had installed new lighting that would have done an operating theatre proud and I’d bought some good quality photographic equipment. I had also mounted an array of torture instruments on the wall in full view of the table.

I had chosen my victim after visiting Hereford itself two months after I first moved to the area. I’d seen a young girl stood at a bus stop, alone, on one of the rural bus routes that connected the outlying villages to the main town. She was wearing her school uniform, obviously waiting to get the bus to school. She was a petite little blond with long hair; she was about thirteen or fourteen years old and had a pretty face and a nice little figure. Her school uniform consisted of a white blouse with a green jumper, a green jacket, a green skirt worn with the hem a little above the knee, white knee high socks and low heeled black shoes. She was a delightful little creature and my loins ached at the thought of what I would like to do to her. As I was now living alone, with no attachments, I decided there and then that instead of simply imagining what I would like to do to her, I would actually do it.

I was most nervous about the abduction itself, however I had observed the bus stop from a hidden location on a hill overlooking the road several times and I knew that she was always alone waiting for the school bus from 08:20 in the morning and that the bus arrived at 08:30, or maybe a couple of minutes later, never earlier. The road was very infrequently used and other traffic was virtually non-existent. I decided that I would simply abduct her from the bus stop.
I bought a reliable used car and kept it parked in my garage until I needed it. I didn’t want to use my usual car in case anything went wrong. I chose a Monday as the day that I would take her. The start of a new week seemed appropriate and I readied everything on the Sunday.

On the actual day of the abduction I was very nervous and I drove carefully, as I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. Once I got onto the rural road that passed the village where the girl waited at the bus stop, I saw no other traffic at all. I drove up to the bus stop where she was stood and leant over and opened the passenger side door and spoke to her.

“Hello love, I wander if you could help me, I’m a bit lost. I’m trying to find Willow Tree Farm” I said in my friendliest voice.

“I’m sorry I’ve never heard of it” she said frowning.

“It’s here on the map but I can’t get my bearings, if I show you where it is on the map, could you show me where we are now”?

“I’ll try” she said “but I’m not very good with maps”.

I had the map laid out on the passenger seat facing away from her way and she came over and crouched down to look at the map. I had already undone my seat belt to give me more freedom of movement and as soon as she lent into the car to study the map I grabbed her by her hair with both hands and roughly pulled her as far into the car as I could, I kept a grip on her hair with one hand and with the other I picked up a big scary looking knife from where I had it hidden under my seat and held it up in front of her face.

“Don’t you fucking move you little cunt or I’ll cut your fucking face off, do you understand”

She didn’t reply she just stared wide eyed at the knife in front of her face and whimpered quietly.

“I asked you a fucking question bitch, do you understand.”

“Yes, yes, please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me”.

“You do as your told and you’ll be alright but you give me any trouble and I’ll kill you and dump you in a ditch, got it.”

“Yes, please don’t hurt me; I won’t give you any trouble.”

“Right then, get in and crouch down in the foot well”

She got in and did as I said without any argument; she was crouched in the foot well with her upper body lent forward onto the passenger seat. I still had a good hold on her hair with one hand.

“Put your hands behind your back now” I growled.

She immediately obeyed and I leant forward taking a pair of hand cuffs from my coat pocket and clamped them round her wrists. She started to sob and tears rolled down her cheeks. I leant across and grabbed her by the chin forcing her to look up at me.

“Now you stay as low down as you can until I say you can get up. If you get up without my say so, I will cut your fucking throat, do you understand?

I showed her the knife again as a reminder of what would happen if she disobeyed.

“Yes sir” she said “I won’t do anything, please don’t hurt me”.

“You stay right where you are and you’ll be alright” I said.

I quickly climbed out of the car and went over to the bus stop and retrieved her school bag. I didn’t want to leave it there to arouse anyone’s curiosity.
I slammed the passenger side door shut and got back into the car. I turned and dumped her bag in the rear foot well and drove off as I didn’t want to stay at the scene of the abduction any longer than I had to.
The whole thing had taken no more than two minutes which was as good as I could have hoped for. After I had driven a couple of miles I pulled over and said

“Where’s your mobile phone” knowing that like most young girls, she would have one.

“It’s in my bag” she replied.

I grabbed her bag and rummaged through it until I found her phone; I took the battery out of it and then wound down the car window and threw the phone and the battery into the water filled ditch by the side of the road. I didn’t want to risk the possibility that the police could track her whereabouts from her phone. You never know what they can do these days.
I then lent over into the back seat of the car and got a pillow case and a blanket that I had brought along. I told the girl to raise her head and then pulled the pillow case over her head before pushing her head back down onto the front seat. Then I covered the girl’s upper body with the blanket by draping it over her. Anyone glancing into the front seat would only see the blanket and would have no idea what lay beneath it.

I then drove off again and took a round about route to my house, driving carefully and keeping to the speed limits. The drive took me just over an hour. On arrival at my house I got out of the car and opened the garage door, then I drove the car into the garage and pulled the garage door closed with me my new playmate and the car inside. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I had done it without any mishaps.
Now the fun could begin.

I unlocked the door that connected the garage to the inside of the house and then I went round to the front passenger door and opened it.
I pulled the blanket off of the girl and said,

“Get out of the car”

She got out as best she could with her hands cuffed behind her back; her movements were awkward and it looked like her muscles were a bit stiff after being crouched in the foot well for an hour.

Once she was out I guided her forward and said “Just keep walking”

“Where are you taking me” she said.

“You’ll see soon enough, just do as you’re fucking told or you’ll be sorry”

With that I took her firmly by the arm and led her into the house. I took her to the door leading down to the cellar which I had left unlocked and said “There are some stairs now so be careful, take them slowly and one at a time.

She stepped down carefully and soon we were at the bottom. I took her inside the door at the bottom of the stairs, turned on the light and closed and locked the door behind us.
She was all mine now.

Chapter 2

I pulled the pillow case off of her head and said “Here we are bitch; this is where you’ll be staying for a while”.

“Where am I” she said “Why have you brought me here”?

“It doesn’t matter where you are cunt, you’re where I want you to be and that’s good enough. If you want to know why I’ve gone to all the trouble of bringing you here, I’ll tell you. You are here to entertain me, it’s that simple”.

“What do you mean” she said, her voice beginning to break.

“What I mean, you worthless little whore, is that I am going to use you for my own enjoyment. You are going to be my own little fuck pig. I’m going to fuck your little cunt, I’m going to stick my stinking dick in your sweet little mouth and I’m going to rape your sweet little ass hole. I’m going to do it as many times as I want, as hard and as roughly as I want and there is fuck all you can do to stop me. And you better do your best to see that I enjoy fucking you, because if I get tired of it, I may just decided to fuck you up and get really mean. I may decide to tie you down and torture your sweet little body, just to see how long I can keep you alive whilst you are in screaming agony. What do you think of that bitch”?

She fell to her knees sobbing with a look of terror on her face; she began to beg me to let her go,

“Please, please don’t do that to me, please, please don’t. Just let me go please. I just want to go home, I want my mum. Please don’t hurt me, I’m only thirteen, I don’t understand why you want to hurt me”.

I grabbed her by the head and forced her to look up at me,

“Listen to me and shut the fuck up. The only way you will get to see your mum again is if you please me. That means being a good girl and doing whatever I tell you to do. Then I may decide to let you go, but that’s your only chance. If you piss me off, you’ll be tied up and screaming in agony while I hurt you as much as I can, for as long as I can. Now get up off your knees and stop all that noise or else”.

She slowly and awkwardly got to her feet and did her best to stop snivelling but she was shaking with fear which I loved. I got the key to the hand cuffs out of my pocket and walked over to her and unlocked them. She looked very nervous and I could see she was scared to have me stood that close to her. I decided to have a little fun right now. I turned on the bright lights I had set up to give the cameras enough light and then went over and set the cameras rolling. There were several set up to take shots of the room from various angles.

I walked back over to her.
“Take your jacket and jumper off” I said “quickly now, or I’ll do it for you and you’ll wish you’d obeyed me”.

She slowly took her jacket off and looked around, not sure where to put it,

“Just drop it on the floor for now” I said.

She dropped it and then pulled her jumper over her head and dropped it on the floor on top of her jacket. She folded her arms in front of her and stood there shaking, looking scared.

I walked over and stood in front of her. I reached out and forced her arms down to her sides and started to unbutton her blouse. She started to cry quietly but made no attempt to stop me.

“Have you ever let any of your boyfriends see your tits or touch them?”
“No” she sobbed. “I’ve never had a boyfriend. My mum says I’m too young”.

I undid the last button and pulled the bottom of the blouse out of the top of her skirt. I then slowly slid the sleeves down her arms and off before dropping the blouse on to the floor.

She was wearing a lovely lacy little bra, so feminine and pretty.
I stood in front of her and said “take it off” in a stern voice.

I could see the turmoil in her face, she didn’t want to comply but she was scared of what I’d do if she didn’t.

She slowly reached up behind her back and undid the clasp. She slid the straps down her arms and let the bra fall to the floor. She didn’t try to cover herself; she just looked down at the floor and sobbed quietly.

For a while I just stood and looked at her perfect little breasts. They were small, nowhere near fully grown but still perfect. I reached out with both of my hands and fondled them, gently squeezing them, feeling how soft the skin was, how firm the flesh was. I was in heaven; I rolled her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and felt them begin to harden. They looked almost too large for the small breasts that they crowned. I leant forward and took one of the nipples into my mouth, gently sucking on it, toying with it, flicking my tongue over the soft tasty nodule. I continued to fondle one breast whilst suckling furiously on the nipple of the other. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of her breast into my mouth as I could and saliva dribbled down my chin as I sucked noisily.

I raised my eyes looking up into her face; she had her head turned to one side looking towards the wall as if to separate herself from what was happening. Involved but not participating. Her look was one of disgust and revulsion, she hated what was being done to her and that realisation made my cock as hard as iron. I wanted her to be revolted. I wanted her to hate what I was doing to her but to have to endure it, because she had no choice.

I decided to try and revolt her further. I let go of her nipple and stood up.
She turned her head towards me but couldn’t meet my eyes; she looked down at the floor.

“Take your knickers off” I said in my most threatening voice.
She looked at me then and started crying again, “please don’t” she said “please don’t” she was sobbing with real emotion, shuddering with each breath, terrified of what I was going to do.

“You either take them off, or I go to work on your tits with a pair of pliers, your choice” I growled.

I could easily have over powered her and ripped her knickers off myself but I wanted her to have to submit to her own humiliation, to be a participant in her own abuse.

She slowly reached down and put her hands under her skirt careful not to raise her skirt high enough for me to see anything, modestly trying to keep her pussy covered.
I was amused and smiled at the absurdity of it.
She slipped her knickers down over her ass, down her thighs and let them drop from her knees to the floor.

“Give them to me” I said.

She stepped out of her knickers then reached down, picked them up and gave them to me. They were white and soft with little pink hearts on them. I held them up to my face, buried my nose in them and inhaled deeply. She looked at me with a mixture of embarrassment and disgust.

“What’s the matter bitch” I said “There’s nothing like the smell and taste of young girl pussy”.

I then deliberately, exaggeratedly, opened the knickers out and licked the gusset. She looked at me with utter disgust so I took the knickers into my mouth and sucked on them loudly.

“How could you” she said “that is so gross”.

“Well you won’t like what I’m going to do next then bitch”

I took her by the arm and pulled her over to the bed sitting her on the edge,

“Lay back and don’t you fucking move until I tell you to” I yelled “If you do I will hurt you really badly”

“Please don’t do anything to hurt me mister, please don’t”

“Just lay back and do as you’re told” I said threateningly.

She lay back but watched me nervously.

“You just do as you’re told and everything will be fine. Let me do whatever I want and you’ll get through this, give me any trouble and you won’t”.

I grabbed a pillow off of the bed and put it on the floor, then I knelt down on it in front of her, she was laid back but she had her head lifted up looking down towards me to see what I was going to do.
I took hold of the hem of her skirt and pushed it up around her waist, I then grabbed her by the legs and pulled her so that her ass was right on the edge of the bed and her pussy was close and accessible.
She kept her thighs as tightly together as she could and she covered herself with her hands, obviously embarrassed that I could see her pubic mound.

“You listen now and do what I tell you. Be a good girl and I won’t hurt you. Disobey me and I will cut you up. Don’t mess with me now. I want you to put your hands on your head and keep them there. If you don’t, I will handcuff you again. Then I want you to put your feet on the edge of the bed and spread your legs so I can get a good look at your pussy, got it”

“She didn’t answer, she just started sobbing loudly, but she took her hands away and put them on her head like I’d told her to, then she lifted her feet onto the edge of the bed and slowly spread her legs”.
“Good girl, you just keep doing what I tell you and you’ll be fine. Now just move your feet a bit further apart and you’ll be perfect”

She reluctantly did as I asked and for the first time I got to see this beautiful little girl’s perfect little cunt. Her mound was the most beautiful shape with a fine down of golden coloured hair. I leant forward for a closer look and she continued to lift her head to try and see what I was going to do to her.

I looked her in the eyes and slowly, gently ran my tongue up the length of her slit.
I repeated this several times before reaching up and spreading her folds revealing her most intimate parts to my gaze. I put my nose as close to her pussy as I could and inhaled her female scent deeply.

“You have a lovely little cunt girlie” I said “In fact from now on that’s what your name is, Cunt”

She was still watching me and I smiled at her look of embarrassment and humiliation, she turned her face away and stared at the wall.

“Time for breakfast” I said. I then opened wide and took as much of her into my mouth as I could sucking at her flaps and clitoris, sticking my tongue as far into her hole as I could get it, slurping and sucking loudly, lost in the pure pleasure of the taste, the smell, the texture, the pure heaven of young girl pussy.

I was lost in the moment, I took no notice of her reaction, I just concentrated on my pleasure, continuing to explore her with my lips, my tongue, and even my teeth, nibbling at her gently, wanting to own every part of her. As I continued my assault, her pussy got wetter and wetter, not because she was enjoying what I was doing to her, but simply because that was her body’s natural response. I stuck my face as far into her cunt as I could manage and still be able to breathe, my face was covered in her juices and I lapped at them hungrily. I held onto her buttocks to help pull her as firmly onto my face as I could. My cock was as hard as I had ever known it and was pushing against my clothes, desperate for release.

I lost track of time but eventually I stopped and moved my head away from her soaking, sloppy cunt, awash with her own juices and my saliva, it shone with the mixture of secretions covering it. I leant forward and gave it one last kiss inserting my tongue as far as I could.

I stood up and looked down at her; she turned her head and looked up at me, red eyed from her crying which had now stopped. Her look was one of uncertainty; she wasn’t sure what I was going to do now but she was scared I was going to fuck her. She pushed her skirt down to cover herself and dropped her feet off the edge of the bed while closing her legs.

Did you enjoy that as much as I did, Cunt” I asked.
“It was disgusting. How could you do it” she said.
“Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it Cunt, you might like it, who knows”
“I could never do anything like that, I just couldn’t”
“You might even like the taste, lets see shall we” I said as I climbed up onto the bed and lay on top of her.

I grabbed her wrists and held them both in one hand above her head; I grabbed her chin with my other hand and held her so that her face was below mine. My face was shiny with her juices and my breath reeked with the overpowering smell of cunt.
I forced my lips onto hers and probed them with my tongue, she desperately tried to keep her lips together but she was no match for me. I forced my tongue into her mouth and plundered her second, moist, warm cavity, exploring every square inch of it, her tongue, her gums, her teeth, her cheeks. She had her eyes screwed shut as she tried hard to turn her head away from my assault, to no avail. I took my time until eventually I withdrew my tongue from her mouth.

I then held her head with both of my hands and leant over her and began licking her face from jaw line to forehead, I licked every part of her face and deliberately explored every crevice. I licked the outside of her lips, her eyelids, I even stuck the tip of my tongue as far into her nostrils as I could and took her ears into my mouth and sucked them.

When I’d finished I whispered into her ear “Even your face smells like cunt now, it’s the best perfume you’ve ever worn. If you could bottle it you’d make a fortune”

I laughed out loud at her disgusted expression.

“Now you know what your own cunt tastes like, what do you think, could you develop a taste for pussy or do you think you’d prefer the taste of cock”

She didn’t answer me.

“Now’s the time to find out Cunt, pussy or cock”

Chapter 3

I rolled off of her and grabbed her by her hair “Get up” I yelled.

I pulled her upright and dragged her to the end of the bed. I had one hand tightly entwined in her hair and she had both her hands holding onto mine, trying to prevent her hair being pulled out by the roots.

I forced her onto her knees at the end of the bed and sat down on the bed facing her.

“Now is the moment when we decide whether you are going to make me hurt you or whether you’re going to be a good girl and do what I want. It’s your choice Cunt, you either do what I say, whatever that might be. Or I tie you to that table over there and I start cutting. What’s it going to be, your choice”.

She looked over at the table with its straps and stirrups and then her gaze lingered on the tools and torture instruments hanging on the wall above it.

“Please” she said, “I’ll do whatever you want, just please don’t hurt me, please, I don’t want to die”

“Then you must do whatever I ask you to do, be a good girl and I won’t have to hurt you”

I leant forward and gently fondled her cute little breasts. She flinched but made no attempt to pull away.

I stood up abruptly and said “Pay careful attention. I want you to untie my shoes and take them off, then unbuckle my belt, undo the button on my trousers and unzip me. Once you’ve done that you can pull my trousers down and take them off.
Do you understand?”

“Yes” she said quietly.

“Go on then, get on with it.

She sat on her haunches and bent forward to untie the laces of my shoes, I sat on the edge of the bed to enable her to pull them off of my feet. She put the shoes on the floor behind her.
I stood back up and she raised herself up onto her knees and reached up with both hands and fumbled with the buckle of my belt. She managed to release the buckle and she gradually pulled the belt through the loops on my trousers. She laid the belt next to my shoes. I pulled my stomach in to make it easier for her to undo the button on my trousers. When she took hold of the zip and started to pull it down, I felt her small hand brush against the bulge of my swollen cock, which was easily visible pushing against the material of my trousers. She noticed it too and tried hard not to touch it.
Once the zip was fully undone she gently pulled my trousers down, being careful not to pull my underwear down with them. Once she had got the trousers down to my feet, I sat down on the bed once again and allowed her to pull them over my feet and off.

I stood back up and looked down at her. “Now I want you to pull my underwear down”

I could tell from her expression that she knew where this was leading, but she knew the alternative if she refused. She reached up and grasped the waist band of my underwear with both of her hands and gently pulled downwards. As she pulled, my cock sprang into view, stood proudly to attention, finally free of its restraint and she stared at it in horrified fascination. It’s not huge, about 7 inches long but it’s thick and solid and she was transfixed by it.

“Have you ever seen a cock before Cunt” I asked.

“No, never” she replied

“Well don’t just look at it, take hold of it, feel it and play with it. You’re going to get to know it very well”

Knowing she had no choice but to obey, she slowly left my underwear gathered at my feet and reached up with both hands and took hold of my cock. Her hands felt cool against the heat of my rampant member as she gently ran them up and down its length, from my balls to the tip, where her fingers became sticky from the pre cum leaking from it, testament to how aroused I was.

“It’s all sticky” she said looking at the fluid on her hands.

“That’s called pre cum Cunt, it helps lubricate a cock, making it easier for it to penetrate a cunt”

She looked at me with fear in her eyes, I could read the unasked question in her face, was I going to fuck her now.

“Don’t worry Cunt I’m not going to fuck you, not yet anyway”

She breathed out heavily, relieved that I wasn’t going to force my thick cock into her tight little cunt.

“Do you like the smell of cock” I asked “Take a good sniff and see what you think”

She looked at me with distaste but she slowly leant forward and delicately sniffed at my cock.

“It smells awful” she said with real disgust.

“Well it may smell awful but I want you to lick it. Just imagine it’s a lollipop and lick it from the bottom right to the top”

She looked at it with revulsion and gently shook her head from side to side.

“I couldn’t, I just couldn’t, the very thought makes me feel sick, it’s revolting. It smells and it’s covered in that sticky stuff”

I grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her to look up at me,

“I am beginning to lose my patience with you, you cock teasing little bitch, you either do as you’re told or I will tie you to that table and ram my cock up your tight little asshole and fuck you until you can’t stand. What’s it going to be, decide quickly?”

She was wincing in pain from her hair being so tightly held in my fist, as she looked up at me and said “alright I’ll do what you want, please let go of my hair, I’ll do it”.

I released her hair and she ran a hand through it and rubbed her scalp to ease the pain.

“Get to it then, before I rape your tight little asshole, just to teach you a lesson”

She slowly moved her hand to my cock to hold it steady and then moved her head forwards. She stuck her delicate little tongue out and made contact with the skin at the very base of my cock. Her nose wrinkled in obvious disgust at what she was being forced to do. She slid her tongue up my shaft towards the top, stopping before she reached the very tip, which was covered in pre-cum, and then moved back down to the base, to start again. She repeated this half a dozen times, and I knew she was trying to avoid the big drop of pre cum that was sat on the very tip of my cock.

“Wait” I said as she started her tongue towards the base of my cock for its next journey.

She looked up at me questioningly.

I reached down and pulled my foreskin back revealing the purple head of my cock, swollen and shiny with pre cum.

“Now I want you to take the whole head of my cock into your mouth and I want you to suck it. Make sure you use your tongue, especially on the slit at the tip of my cock, the slit where the piss comes out”

I was deliberately trying to disgust and degrade this little whore.

“And if I feel any teeth, I will remove them one by one with a pair of pliers, so be warned”

She looked at my cock with revulsion; it looked so different with the foreskin pulled back. Before, she had just been licking normal skin, which she had disliked, but this looked so alien to anything she’d seen before and she was so obviously disgusted by it.

“It’s either going in your mouth, or your ass, Cunt” I said reminding her of her alternatives.

Tears began to run down her cheeks, as she slowly moved her head forward and parted her beautifully soft red lips to engulf my purple cock head in her moist, warm mouth.

She started sucking on the head like a calf suckling its mother’s teat, she was sucking hard and fast and I was in heaven, I knew I wouldn’t last long if she kept this up”

“Don’t forget your tongue on the tip” I said

She took her mouth off of my cock and stuck her tongue out and pushed the tip onto the slit at the end of my cock. Then she engulfed the head with her lips once again and resumed her sucking.

Looking down at her cute petite little face, with my cock in her mouth and tears on her cheeks I was in ecstasy, life didn’t get better than this. Dominating and degrading a young girl, showing her she was a toy to be played with, a whore to be used, no more than a collection of moist holes to be fucked for a mans pleasure.

The need to dominate surged up within me. I needed to show her how worthless she was, how little she mattered.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and walked over to the table, picking up a pair of handcuffs that were hanging there.

“Put your hands behind your back” I yelled, as I walked back to her.

“Why” she said, mystified by my sudden change of mood.

“Just do as you’re fucking told bitch” I yelled.
She immediately put her hands behind her back, scared by what I might do if she didn’t obey. I closed the cuffs around her wrists and then stood in front of her.

“Stay on your knees, but keep upright, or else” I said.

I grabbed her hair with both hands, one on each side of her head, and pulled her face towards my cock.

“Open wide bitch” I said. She opened her mouth and I pushed my cock inside and pulled her onto me, burying my cock to the hilt in her face, forcing her face up against me, her nose buried in my pubic hair. I held her there, feeling my entire length encased in her warm moist cavity.
She could do nothing to protect herself with her hands cuffed behind her and I began violently driving my cock into her, slamming it again and again into her mouth, driving it deep into her throat. She gagged and choked and saliva dribbled from her mouth, down her chin and onto her breasts, Tears ran down her cheeks and mucus started to run from her nose, as her body desperately produced fluid to protect her soft tissues from the invader forcing its way into her mouth, over her tongue and into her throat. Up to this point, however reluctantly, she had been in control, doing my bidding but sucking my cock herself. Now she had no control, she was being abused and defiled, not a participant, just a piece of meat being used. I was in total control, forcing myself onto her, into her, her master, her lord, she was nothing and I was everything. I pulled her hair as hard and tightly as I could, determined to cause her as much physical pain as possible, while she fought hard just to breathe, as I filled her throat with my cock, blocking her airway. She gagged and desperately tried to breathe through her nose but the mucus running from it was making it difficult for her and she blew bubbles out of her nostrils, as her face got redder and redder. I didn’t care, I was only concerned with the feelings I was experiencing, my cock was so pumped full of blood, it was almost painful to me; I had never seen it bigger. I continued to ram it in and out of her as she gagged and struggled to breathe, saliva dribbling down her chin and snot running from her nose, as I abused her mercilessly. I rammed into her face over and over again with all my strength, oblivious to her pain and distress, wanting to hurt her. She was nothing, I wanted to fuck her face forever if I could, fuck her face until she suffocated, until she choked and died, fuck her face as she died. I wanted to kill her, I was lost in hate and lust, nothing mattered but torturing this little cunt, this worthless little cunt. I was pounding into her with all the force I could muster, trying to force my cock as far into her as I could, trying to break this little cunts face, rupture her throat, fill her lungs with cum, take her life. Then at last I felt my balls begin to contract, as spurt after spurt of my cum, erupted into her throat. She gagged and choked and swallowed as fast as she could, desperately trying to keep her airway clear. I continued to force myself into her, until the spurts began to slow and finally stop. I held my cock as far into her throat as I could, until I felt the last spurt come pulsing out of the tip.

I pulled out of her and released her hair. She gasped for breathe and collapsed onto the floor, her chest heaving as her body took in the oxygen it craved, in huge breaths. She coughed and cum and saliva ran out of her mouth and nose and onto the floor, her face was covered in snot, cum and saliva. As her breathing slowed down, she started to cry quietly to herself, as she curled up into the foetal position.

I sat on the edge of the bed getting my breath back and appreciating the afterglow of the most intense orgasm I had ever had. I sat looking down at the young cunt laying there crying, and I knew that the chances of her surviving the next few days, were not good. I wanted to hurt her and make her suffer. I wanted to make her experience pain she couldn’t imagine. I wanted to watch the spark of life leave her and I knew that it would be the most intense experience of my life. And hers, but for her it would be her last ever experience.

I got up and walked over and turned the cameras and the theatre lights off, just leaving the regular lights on. I went out, relocking the door and leaving the little whore lying on the floor where she had fallen. I went upstairs and showered and dressed in fresh clothes, then had some food.

Chapter 4

It was only mid morning and I decided to make the most of the day. I went back downstairs refreshed and ready for more. As I unlocked the door and went inside I saw that the bitch had moved and was now lying curled up on the bed.

I went over to her and spoke. “Get up” I said, “its time for a shower and something to eat”

She slowly sat up and looked at me, saying nothing. I could see the dried cum and snot still on her face, her hair messed up and out of shape, where I had held onto it.

“Come on” I said and led her over to the door and up the stairs. I took her into the bathroom and unlocked the handcuffs.

“Get your skirt and shoes and socks off” I said and stood leaning against the wall watching her. She reluctantly slipped her shoes and socks off and slowly pushed her skirt down to the floor.

“I need to pee, badly” she said.

“Go on then, I’m not stopping you”.

“I can’t go in front of you” she said.

“You’ll have to, because I want to watch”

“I can’t, it’s private” she said

Anger flashed across my face, “nothing about you is private, get that into your stupid little head, nothing, and you need to learn that”.

I took my knife from my pocket and pointed it at her. “Climb into the bath” I said, “Now”

She looked warily at the blade, not sure what I intended.

“Now sit on the edge of the bath, with your back against the wall, so you are facing me”

She slowly did as she was told, climbing into the bath and sitting on the edge, with her feet inside it. She winced as her bare buttocks touched the cold enamel of the lip of the bath.

“Now spread your legs so I can see that little cunt”

She looked at the knife, not sure if I was going to use it on her. I realised that she thought I may have got her into the bath so that her blood wouldn’t get on the floor if I cut her. Clever girl I thought.

She slowly spread her legs.

“Now I want to see you piss in the bath for me, so that I can get a good view and don’t hold back. I want you to drain every drop. It’s either going to be your piss or your blood in the bath. Your choice” I said holding the knife up.

She thought for a moment and then closed her eyes in concentration; she was obviously suffering from stage fright and was struggling to pee with me watching her.

A small trickle started from between her legs which soon become a flood. She still had her eyes closed.

“Look at me” I yelled. She opened her eyes and I put my empty hand forward and caressed her cunt, as the pee squirted between my fingers, I pulled my hand back and licked the pee off of it, sucking it from my fingers, much to her disgust. I laughed out loud and lent right over into the bath, forcing my face into her pussy and sticking my tongue into her, as her pee squirted around it, over my face and down my chin, soaking my clean shirt. The flow ceased as she pushed my head away roughly and yelled at me, “you filthy beast, how could you do something so gross and disgusting”.

Her manner changed as she saw the expression on my face, “who the fuck do you think you’re talking to, cunt” I yelled back, dropping the knife on the floor and grabbing her by her hair.
I forced her down onto her knees in the bath and pushed her head forward until her forehead was touching the bottom. I roughly pulled her wrists behind her and held them in place with one hand. Taking the hand cuffs from my back pocket, I secured her hands behind her once again. I quickly removed my belt and fastened it around her lower legs, binding them together. She was now totally helpless.
I roughly turned her over onto her back and she lay in the bottom of the bath looking up at me, terrified, not sure what I intended.
I picked my knife up from the floor, panting from the sudden exertion.
“So I’m a beast am I, cunt. Well, I may be, but you don’t have the right to say so”.
I undid the zip on my trousers and pulled my cock out. She watched me fearfully as I stood looking down into the bath at her. “Beasts use piss to mark their territory, so I will be a beast and use my piss to mark mine” I said coldly.
I aimed my cock and a stream of piss spurted out into the bath as I adjusted my aim onto her face. She screwed her face up and tightly shut her eyes as she turned her face away from me. I stopped the flow immediately and let go of my cock; I grabbed her by the chin and forced her to face me. “Listen to me cunt, your life depends on it” She opened her eyes, blinking repeatedly, trying to remove any pee and to stop it getting into her eyes.
I held the knife to her face and gently pushed the point into her nearest nostril. I then lent forward and placed the plug into the hole in the bottom of the bath.
“You listen good and do as I say, or else you are going to die now. I am going to piss on you and you are going to take it. If you disobey me, I will turn the hot tap on and hold your legs up and watch as the water covers your face and you drown. That waters fucking hot too, but that will be the least of your worries, unless you can breathe under water”. I put my knife on the edge of the bath and grabbed the belt around her legs and lifted it so that her legs were raised. I reached out to the hot tap with my other hand and turned it on so that just a trickle of water flowed from it.
“I want you to keep your eyes open and to open your mouth wide. When I piss on your face, you will not turn your head away, you will take whatever I give you. If you disobey me, I will turn on the tap and watch you die. Do you understand?”

“Yes” she said quietly.

I let go of her legs and shut off the tap. I stood up looking down at her.
I took hold of my cock and said “Open wide cunt”.
She opened her mouth wide and kept her eyes open looking at the ceiling.
“Keep your eyes on my cock, cunt” I said, “I want you to see what a man pissing looks like. And remember, your mouth and eyes stay open, if you want to live”.

I took aim and a stream of piss jetted onto her face splashing in all directions, as she desperately tried to keep her eyes open, blinking repeatedly. I aimed the stream into her mouth and kept it there as her mouth filled up and the piss overflowed and ran out over the sides and into the bath. “Don’t you spit it out, or you’ll be sorry” I yelled.
I moved my aim to her nostrils, knowing she was breathing through them alone, forcing her to hold her breath for a few seconds. Then I aimed directly into her eyes. She tried to keep them open but they kept closing involuntarily, as her body automatically worked to protect the delicate membranes. I moved the flow back over her face, topping up her mouth and down onto her tits. I aimed for each nipple in turn and then moved further down, briefly pausing on her belly button, filling the little cavity and then down onto her mound. As her legs were tied together, I could not get right between them but I did my best and sprayed her cunt area as best as I could.

I could feel my flow slowing down, so I quickly returned to her face and sprayed her once again, as the flow gradually stopped.

I quickly picked up my knife from the edge of the bath and held it to her throat. She kept her head completely still, with her mouth full of piss and her face soaking wet, blinking repeatedly to try and clear her vision. She looked directly at me, keeping completely still, not wanting to provoke me again.
“Now I want you to swallow the piss in your mouth. Take it slowly, or you will choke, swallow it a little at a time, but swallow it all”.
She knew she had no choice, with deep concentration, she opened her gullet quickly, briefly and swallowed a small amount of my piss.
“Good girl” I said “That’s the way”
She repeated the action again and the level of piss in her mouth went down a bit further. As she continued, all the piss slowly disappeared and when the last drops had been swallowed, she turned her head to one side and coughed and retched, her face a mask of disgust and revulsion.

“In future, you’d better be very careful what you say to me cunt. Disrespect me and you will pay the price”. I lent into the bath and undid the belt around her calves; I then pulled her upright by her shoulders and unlocked the handcuffs.
“Get showered” I said “you smell like a urinal”
I went out shutting the door behind me.

Chapter 5

I went into my bedroom and changed my damp shirt. I could still smell the sweet odour of the young girls piss. I thought about what I had done to here so far. I’d had a great time seeing her strip and caressing her tits and eating her lovely sweet cunt. Fucking her face had been sublime, the best orgasm ever. Pissing on her hadn’t been part of the plan but she’d deserved it. Maybe now she’d watch what she said and show some respect.

I went downstairs and got some sandwiches ready, I wasn’t worried about her trying to escape. All the doors and windows were securely locked and couldn’t be seen from the road, thanks to the trees surrounding the property.

I went back upstairs to my bedroom and picked up the clothes I’d picked out for her. I walked up to the bathroom door, and went in. There was no lock; She was drying herself on the towel I’d left for her.

“Put these on” I said and handed her the clothes. They consisted of a set of very pretty, feminine white lingerie, the bra low cut and lacy and the knickers very small and sexy, covering her pubic mound and not much else. There was also a very short skirt of red plaid, a pair of red hold up stockings and a pair of high heeled red shoes.

She slowly dressed in the clothes I had given her while I stood and watched. I was happy to see, that despite all I had done to her, she was still self conscious and tried to dress discretely, turning away from me so that I couldn’t see her cunt and tits. I let it go without comment, I just feasted my eyes on her ass, which was beautiful to behold. I realised that I hadn’t given this beautiful piece of her flesh any attention yet and I decided there and then, to put this omission right.

When she had finished dressing, she turned towards me. I let out a whistle and said “Very nice outfit. You’re making my dick twitch cunt. Let’s get downstairs and see what the rest of the day brings shall we”.

I led her out of the bathroom onto the landing and down the stairs. She hung onto the hand rail, taking the steps carefully in her high heels. Once we reached the ground floor she hesitated, not wanting to go back down to the cellar and what awaited her down there.

“Get your ass downstairs cunt, or I may not carry on treating you as well as I have up to now”.

She looked at me and her expression was one of disbelief. She obviously didn’t think I had been treating her well. She would learn.

I collected the sandwiches I had made from the kitchen and followed her. She climbed down the cellar stairs carefully and entered the door, I closed and locked it. I went and turned the theatre lights on and set the cameras rolling. I then turned the CD player on and the sounds of some slow dance music came over the speakers.

“Now then Cunt, I want you to do some sexy dancing for me. I want to see some sexy slow dancing and I want to see you wiggle and gyrate that ass at me and don’t forget to thrust that little pussy at me too. Now get to it”.

She looked at me for just a second or two before starting to move in time to the music. She was a natural dancer and she started to move her hips and wiggle her ass from side to side. She really knew how to move her little body about and the little skirt and hold up stockings, added to the sexiness of the whole performance. My cock grew inside my trousers and my face could not hide the lust that I was feeling.

“Lose the bra” I said, as I wanted to see her tits move as she danced.

She reached up behind her and undid the clasp of her bra without comment, then drew the straps down her arms and dropped it onto the floor.
Even though they were small, her breasts bounced about as she gyrated her hips and my cock grew uncomfortable, enclosed inside my trousers. I pulled down my zip and freed my cock from its confines. I didn’t touch it, as I didn’t want to risk cumming and wasting my seed.

“Lose the knickers too” I said. She stopped dancing and looked at me, noticing for the first time that my cock was out and hard. She slowly pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them.

“Give them to me” I said

She handed them to me and stood there looking at me. I exaggeratedly held them to my nose and inhaled deeply, knowing she would hate it.

“Carry on dancing for a little while longer Cunt” I said “My cock is almost ready for you”

Realising what I meant, she started to cry gently as she resumed her dancing.

As soon as the track finished I stood up. “It’s time” I said and took hold of her arm and led her over to the table. I pushed her towards the end of it and said “bend over it as far as you can and then stretch your arms out”.
She knew better than to argue and she bent forward over the table, her tiny skirt riding up and giving me a great view of her firm little ass. I walked to the other end of the table, reached for one of her wrists and pulled it so that she was stretched forward over the table, barely able to keep her feet on the floor. I tightly buckled one of the many leather straps that were attached to the edge of the table, to her wrist tightly.
I then reached out and pulled her other wrist and buckled it to the opposite table edge.
I now walked back round behind her and crouched down. I grabbed her around the left ankle and pulled her foot towards the table leg. I fastened her to the table leg with another leather strap around her ankle. I repeated the process with her right leg.
I stood up and surveyed my handiwork.
She was bent forward over the table from the waist, with her arms stretched forwards and slightly out to the sides. Her legs were fastened widely spread, giving me access to both her ass and her cunt.
I went over to the camera controls and focused the cameras on the table, taking care to cover her head from all angles. I wanted to be able to watch her anguished expressions later, at my leisure. I walked round to the side of the table she was facing, her head turned to one side, lying on the table.
“I haven’t told you yet what a great ass you have. A girl’s ass is a beautiful thing, made for sex and abuse. I am going to make use of yours now. Enjoy”.

I walked back round behind her and she tried to turn her head and see what I was going to do, but the angle was uncomfortable for her and she was soon forced to lay her head back down.

I knelt down behind her and reached out with both hands and spread her ass cheeks. I then started to furiously lick her little brown starfish, and to push my tongue as far into the little sphincter as I could. Saliva ran down my chin as I forced my mouth as tightly into her ass crack as I could and sucked her little ass opening. I repeatedly licked and sucked and delved with my tongue, while squeezing her firm ass cheeks as hard and painfully as I could with my hands, while at the same time, spreading her cheeks to give my mouth access to her hole. Her legs shook and twitched as the unusual sensations of pleasure and pain, fought for notice in her brain.
I wanted to open her up a bit, so I used the forefinger and thumb on my left hand to spread her cheeks and then, after sucking the forefinger of my right hand to lubricate it a little, I shoved it hard into her asshole. I furiously pumped it in and out of her ass hole and I was rewarded with continuous grunts of discomfort from the bitch. I didn’t need any further prompting and I forced a second finger into her and resumed my pounding of her little ass opening. She screamed out loud as I continued to roughly abuse her asshole. If she hated it, then I loved it. As I forced a third finger inside her, I lent forward and bit her ass cheek, hard, leaving bright red teeth marks behind. She let out a high pitched girlie scream and I nearly came there and then. I then took my fingers out of her asshole and started to bite her repeatedly, all over her ass cheeks, again and again and again. She continuously screamed in agony. I stood up then and unbuckled my belt and slid it out of the loops on my trousers. I bent it double and then, taking a huge swing, I let it slam into her ass cheeks, leaving a bright red weal. I swung again and again, criss-crossing her ass with bright red marks, her screams a continuous delightful song to my ears. I couldn’t wait any longer, I finished with one powerful swing to the backs of her thighs and then I dropped the belt. I moved up behind her and grabbed my cock, aiming it at her ass hole.

The feel of her little sphincter against the head of my cock as I probed between her ass cheeks, was electric. I pushed it into her opening, and then, gripping her hips, I forced my full length into her, grunting with the effort as she cried out once more.

“Oh god” she yelled as I started to batter her sore little ass hole, pulling almost all the way out, before hammering back in, as violently as I could. Her pain, my pleasure; my pleasure, her pain. Each time I rammed into her, she grunted in discomfort, her muscle, sore and bleeding from my assault. I loved to hear her grunting and I forced myself into her harder and harder, determined to keep her vocalising her pain. I could feel my balls begin to tighten and I came into her ass, spurting semen deep inside her, my orgasm so strong, that my vision wavered and I saw stars before my eyes.
I pushed into her as hard as I could and enjoyed the feeling of my seed pulsing out of my cock and into her ass. Once the flow of semen had stopped, I stayed inside her and lent forward, resting my head on her back, as my cock slowly deflated. From my position, resting my head on her back, I could hear her sobbing quietly to herself.
She realised the assault had stopped as I pulled my softening cock from inside her.
Blood and spunk ran out of her asshole and down her legs, her ass cheeks were covered in bite marks and red welts from the belt I had used on her.

I left her tied to the table and went to get cleaned up and to get my breath back.
I went back down a few minutes later with a bowl of salt water and used it to wash the wounds on her buttocks and the single red weal across her thighs.
It wasn’t out of kindness; I just didn’t want her wounds to get infected and endanger her. If she was going to experience anything life threatening, I wanted it to be me administering it, not some nameless bacteria.
She winced as the salt water washed over her wounds.
“Why are doing all these horrible things to me” she asked.
“I don’t know you, I’ve never even seen you before, so why do you want to hurt me?”

I finished washing her buttocks and stood up, looking down at her.
“I don’t have to answer to you or anybody else Cunt, but I will tell you why, just to amuse myself. Women these days are far too full of themselves. They think they are equal to men and have the right to self determination, just like men. That is an illusion. The only reason western women can safely walk the streets without protection, is because men have made their world a safer place for them. And what gratitude do they show to men. They strut around and spout off about equality and equal rights. They parade around scantily clad and scowl at any man who dares to look at what they display. They scold men with their foul tongues, the natural weapon of the weak, while feigning horror if a man puts his hands on them, using his natural weapon, his greater strength, to put them in their place. A man should never hit a woman, they cry, trying to castrate a man and give themselves the power they have no natural right to wield. In other parts of the world, it is not so. Women know their place and are punished if they try to usurp a man’s position. I guarantee, that women’s so called equality, will not survive the first natural disaster that washes away this veneer of civilisation. Then, once again, she will turn to a strong man for protection. Now how does this apply to you? Well, I have decided that if I see a woman that I want, then I will have her. She will have no say in the matter. If I can overpower her, she will be mine to do with as I will. I have overpowered you, therefore you are mine. If I want to fuck you, beat you or kill you, that’s up to me.

“You aren’t going to kill me are you?” she said her voice full of fear.

“It’s up to you to give me a reason to keep you alive. I told you when you arrived that you were here for my enjoyment. You’d better make sure I continue to enjoy you”.

I undid the leather straps holding her down and helped her stand up.
I pointed to the sandwiches.

“You have something to eat and then lay down and rest. I have a few things to do this afternoon. I will be back this evening and I will see what else you have to offer then”.

I went out, locking her in and leaving her to think that over.

Chapter 6

When I went back down to the cellar that evening I brought a Chinese take away and a large bottle of sweet sparkling wine with me. She was pathetically pleased to see what I had brought her and I couldn’t help but be amazed at how resilient she was. She had replaced her bra and knickers and was still wearing the short skirt and hold up stockings. I locked the door and began serving the food out between us; I had brought plastic plates, cups and cutlery. We both sat down on the bed and ate in silence. She seemed very hungry and ate every last scrap of the food I gave her. She drank two full cups of wine with her meal and I poured her a third, once she had finished eating.

I cleared the plates and empty cartons into a corner and went back and sat next to her on the bed.
I gently put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her backwards.
She looked frightened and I said “Don’t worry; I will be gentle with you tonight, as long as you behave yourself. You respond to me and be nice and I will be gentle with you. Fight me, or resist in any way and I will hurt you badly tonight. I will introduce you to some of the torture tools hanging on the wall. It will be worse than anything you’ve had so far. Do you understand?”

“Yes” she said quietly.

I had decided that tonight I would like to have her willingly; I wanted to take her without fighting her if I could, just this once. If not, so be it.
I stood in front of her and stripped completely naked, before lying down next to her and repeatedly kissing her face. Next I kissed her on the mouth and pushed my tongue between her lips. She responded, gently rubbing my tongue with hers as I carried on kissing her, quite content to sample this young girl’s mouth with her compliance. After a while I reached up cupped her breast with my hand whilst continuing to kiss her. I reached under her and undid the clasp of her bra, pulling the flimsy garment off her so that I could suckle her wonderful breasts once more. She lay quite still as I fondled and sucked each of her breasts in turn. I returned to kissing her on the mouth and slowly moved my hand down to rub her pussy, rubbing it gently over her knickers. She opened her legs slightly, not wanting to annoy me, but not wanting my hand on her pussy either.
I ran my fingers up and down her slit several times, before moving my hand up to the waist band of her knickers and sliding it down into her soft pubic hair and down onto her pussy itself. I gently rubbed her, toying with her lips, barely touching her moist opening and then her clitoris. She breathed in quickly as I concentrated on her little bud. I withdrew my hand and sat up before moving down the bed and gently reaching out to pull her knickers down, over her hips and thighs, all the way down to her feet and off. I put my hands under each of her knees and opened her legs wide before lying down with my head right in front of her pussy. I leant forward and licked her from the bottom of her slit to the top. I pushed my face into her cunt and lapped furiously at her, I sucked her soft parts into my mouth and ran my tongue over them, she raised herself up, pushing herself onto me as she responded to the pleasurable feelings between her legs. I sucked her clitoris directly, lapping at it with my tongue over and over again and she murmured softly as the warm feeling overcame her. I knew she was enjoying the direct sucking of her clitoris and I could tell she was close to orgasm. I kept at it until I felt her start to cum and then at that point I quickly lifted myself up on my arms and crawled forwards on top of her. I moved my rock hard cock up to her entrance and started to push inside of her. She looked startled that I had moved so quickly, but my weight on her prevented her from moving as I forced my cock into her tight little opening. I felt the slight resistance of her hymen before forcing my cock through it and into her pussy. She let out a high pitched girlie scream as I forced my way into her and her face was contorted with pain. She was so tight. I drew back slightly and then rammed my hips forward again, this time fully penetrating her velvety, vice like sheath. She screamed out once more. I reached my arms back and under her knees pulling her legs up so that her knees were almost touching her chest and I held them there. In this position she was bent almost in two and I could penetrate her even more deeply. I now started driving myself into her virgin cunt. I was her first and her cunt was not used to the feel of an invader driving into its sensitive tissue. I rammed into her harder and faster, again and again. She let out a constant stream of inarticulate sounds, argh, argh, argh, arrrrrrrggghhhhh, as I pummelled her insides. I loved to hear suffering,I started licking her face and then biting her cheeks and neck and ears as she screamed louder and louder. I pummelled her pussy, smashing myself into her over and over until I gushed forth wave after wave of semen deep inside her. I carried on ramming into her long after I had finished my orgasm, until my cock was too soft to carry on.
I lay on top of her as she sobbed and sobbed.

Eventually I raised my head and looked down at her face, her cheeks covered with red marks from my biting and wet from my saliva and her tears.

“I trusted you she said” accusingly. “You said you would be gentle if I let you”

“Bigger fool you” I said “Anyway, I was gentle, I had thought about strangling you as I took your virginity”

Her eyes opened wide as she realised that I had actually thought about killing her.

I got up and picked up my clothes and walked to the door.

“I’m off to bed” I said “if you want to clean your teeth and have a piss before I lock you in for the night, you had better come now”.

After she had finished I took her back downstairs.

“I enjoyed myself today Cunt. I always wanted to take a young girl’s cherry, and I wasn’t disappointed. Tomorrow we’ll have some more fun and then you can take your leave”.

“What, I can go home?” she said in excitement.

“I promise that after tomorrow, I will drive you away from here and drop you off some place. No lie, one more day and you are out of here”.

“Oh thank you” she said, “I promise I won’t tell anyone anything about you, I promise”.

“Don’t worry, I know you won’t” I said, closing and locking the door.


The following morning I awoke early and breakfasted and showered before going straight down to the basement, without even dressing, pausing only to pick up some cosmetics. I unlocked the door and went in. Wakey, wakey I said as the young girl sat up and rubbed her eyes. “Here” I said dropping the make up onto the bed. Come upstairs and have a shower and make yourself look beautiful for me, I want to remember you as a pretty little thing. I left her in the bathroom and went and sorted out a figure hugging little black dress

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Mama's Replacement

Only in my dreams could I conceive what is happening. I must be dreaming, this can’t be real, can it? I wake from the dream of having sex with my wife. A dream I now realize, because my wife had died two years ago. The dream is of my wife twenty-years-younger, but I'm the age I am now. I'm still groggy from sleep, but the dream seems to continue in my mind, as I'm feeling intense pleasure in my groin. I run my hand under the covers wanting to stroke my cock. Wait, my cock is hard, and something is moving...


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A Night Out - Part 4

Part 4 We head out of the club and back up the alley to the main road. I hail a passing black cab and we climb into the seat. I give the name of a road you are unfamiliar with to the driver and we set off. You give me a questioning look, but I just smile in return, my hand rests on your knee, then slides softly up and down your thigh, each stroke venturing a little higher. You decide to lean back in your seat and enjoy the ride. The mixture of the wine you have had and the...


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Brandi and Jessica Halloween final

Brandi is my escort, i pay her to have sex with me. There is much more to it than that though, she is like my girlfriend. Since i started using her she has limited herself to one other client, she use to see about five. Honestly i might marry her and save her from that life. We do so much more than just have sex. I take her on dates, to movies, vacations, she stays over and so much more. She is one of the most gorgeous women that i have ever seen. She isn't too tall, about 5'6. Her eyes...


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Bread and Butter

Author’s note; This story is a Romance, and the sex occurs towards the ending. Some might not like it for its lack of vicarious luridness from the beginning to the very end. The poem John shares with Rachel; Autumn” belongs to Emily Elizabeth Dickenson, (December 10, 1830 – May 15, 1886). She was an American poet. I chose it because it is my favorite poem of Autumn and my favorite time of year. Bread and Butter Beagle9690 September 2019 He served Twenty-seven years in the Marines, retiring as a Colonel at forty-five. The Marines tempered John as hard and tough as...


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Adopted 2

Adopted part 2 Patty refused to fuck her adopted son again that day, as often as he pestered her for another chance to slide his seemingly always hard cock into her pussy. Refusing him wasn't easy. She spent most of the evening finger fucking, locked in her room and feverishly rubbing her wet pussy, all to thoughts of the joy she'd experienced with her adopted son's huge prick. The next morning, Walter came to the breakfast table completely naked, with an enormous throbbing hard-on that was already leaking tasty looking cum juice. He made a valiant effort to fuck his mother...


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Panties [Chapter 1]

This story was originally written by scotsmitch2001 for me and I took his base idea and modified and expanded it into this story here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Panties Chapter 1: Nick's Delimma (Nick ventures into Jaclyn's room) Nick lay back on the bed and sighed. When Monica said she was only going to be 10 minutes to freshen up, he knew it would be longer. She had asked him to come over and pick her up so they could go out for lunch. Of course, she wasn't ready yet, she had to ‘freshen up.’ He looked around her room, delighted at how...


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Jennifer’s Sexual Awakening - Ch5 -“Private” Sunbathing

1 Suggestion ‘Jennifer, do you remember me mentioning a nice secluded place where we can go and sunbathe in peace?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Would you like to go there tomorrow?’ ‘Oh, yes.’ ‘It’s quite a way off the beaten track, so what do you say we rent a couple of bicycles to get there?’ ‘Ok, but won’t that make us a bit hot and sweaty when we get there?’ ‘Oh, yes, definitely, but that’s the point. It’ll be worth it, you’ll see.’ 2 Getting Ready What should I wear? Jennifer wondered, looking through her wardrobe and settling on a low-cut crop-top with a...


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