Jenika's diet

Jenika's diet

Recently we moved from the larger city about 500 miles west.
Upon arrival our children made friends with new kids - but hell there sure are slim pickins here ...

Coming from the big city to a county with under 28,000 people total (heck my school graduating class was 2600 itself back 15 years ago) we have had quite a culture shock to say the least.

Across the street lives a single mother with 4 children - 3 daughters and 1 son.
He is a bit of a handful - and the girls try their mother at any chance they can get...

Anyhow - lets get to the fun details:

While I left to go on a business trip and the rest of our family went on vacation it seems the neighborhood kids broke into the house to have somewhere to watch TV, party and ... well you know have sex.

Upon return I found the the following:

The kids had a game going - who could manage to take the longest to cum.
Lori - Sandy - and 3 other girls were all laying on the mattresses that they pulled into the living room and they had a bunch of teen guys takign their turns -

Jenika - just 12 yrs old would turn on the music and the guys would continue to fuck until the music stopped and then they would move to the next girl and begin fucking.

When I walked in all the kids were @ a loss as of what to do - I grabbed my iphone and just started recording each girls face and body.

Some of the girls were already covered in cum - but still being fucked...

So this is what the kids in small town America do for fun... hmmmmmmm

When I made my presence known - all the kids went running except one - Jenkia.

She could not get out from behind the bar fast enough - and was stuck.

She looked absolutely ravishing. She was wearing this little black bikini with sponge bob on it.

I asked her why they broke into my house - why they trashed the place - she sat there and cried.

I asked her why - when we have helped her family out so much - paying bills for her mother - bringing milk, cereal, pasta and all other kids of food including steaks and hamburger to her home week in and week out she could just trash my house like this.

She tried to run and I grabbed her - pulling on her arm.
When I did the strap to her bikini broke and immediately her little titty popped out.

Instinctively I pinched her nipple and heard her scream - but in here scream there was this little hint of a moaning ...

I again asked her who she thought she was - that she could with her older sisters and the other kids in the neighborhood come in and trash my house.

She told me - that her mom gave her the key to come in and feed the cat -
and that when she came in one of the older guys Jim pushed his way in with her and then sat down on the couch and began watching tv.

I grabbed the remote and pushed the on demand button to look at the order history.
Sure enough - tons of movies were ordered - porn and some action flicks

Jenika asked me to let her go - begged that I don't tell her mother what they did.
I told her she needed to get her sisters and have each of them come back over to help clean.

If they did not come over right away I would simply call the sheriff and press charges.

Jenika came back in just about 4 minutes with her older sisters Lori and Sandy in tow.
I laid out the rules and told them they had only 2 choices to make - become my cum sluts or... I would call the sheriff as well as leak out the video from my iphone onto the internet - and make sure folks locally got links to the pages on their myspace and facebook accounts.

God I love small towns - secrets are easily kept - but something like that would completely devastate these girls...

Jenika - just turned 12 a few weeks before - hell I purchased her ice cream cake from Dairy Queen -
She shyly asked me - what is a cum slut.

I told her - we have plenty of time for you to learn

I asked her if she had ever kissed a boy - she said no - I asked her if she had ever touched a boy - and she told me no - but had watched her 14 and 15 yr old sisters earlier with the other girls and had this urge that she could not explain.

I told the other 2 girls to begin cleaning up my house. and told jenika to undress
She started crying.

I synced my iphone to my system real quickly - and then used my computer to stream the pictures and movies of the girls on my big 62" flat screen tv

I told her everyone would see this - EVERYONE.

her sisters started begging her to just do what I asked.

Little bitches - I would have been happy fucking their mouths and ass.. but instead they begged her to simply give it up to me

Jenika - after tearful consideration came over and sat next to me on the mattress in the middle of my living room. I squeezed her nipple again - through the tshirt she grabbed when she went home to grab her sisters...

I demanded that she strip nude.
While she did - I used my phone again to record her doing so.

Once she had everythign off I got a good look @ her body.

She already had some good size tits - perhaps a B cup. I told her to unbuckle my pants and pull out my cock. Her older sister came over and told me she could help. I told her to call her other sister over and had them strip nude.

Once I had all 3 nude I made the older 2 eat each other out - I then had Jenika take my cock into her mouth and she started crying - I cant do this -- I cant do this ... I feel like I am going to throw up.

I told her to begin licking my shaft up and down like she would a lollipop - She told me that her jaw hurt - ... excuses excuses excuses.

I grabbed her ass and flipped her around - opened her legs and pulled her hairless pussy closer to me
I pushed her little lips open and began licking - telling her to do the same to my cock as I was doing to her

within minutes this little slut started convulsing - her body shaking and my face being showered... I never knew a 12 year old could cum like that

In her convulsing - she was taking my cock all the way down her throat...
Man could this little bitch suck cock.

Her sisters watched in amazement - as they heard their sister cumming and screaming in ecstasy...
and there it was - I started cumming.

I was away from my wife - the only women I had ever known now for 2 weeks - and I had lots of warm cum stored up... As I yelled I was going to cum - her sister Sandy - 13 i think held Jenkia's head down on my cock and would not let her up.

Man It felt awesome to cum deep in this little girls mouth - she started bucking - and her sisters started giggling...

As she was gagging - I pushed her off and looked @ her beautiful face - then I started laughing as well
I blew my wad into her throat while her sister held her down - and she could not take it all - some of my baby batter came out of her nose...

No sooner I pushed her off Sandy climbed on my cock and sat down - telling me A real mans dick - fuck that silly shit we were trying earlier - I bet this guy will last forever...

Jenika sat there in amazement - wondering what I would expect from her next.

I told the 3 girls to lay down on the bed with their asses in the air so I could get at each of them doggy style.
First I fucked Sandy - then lori - taking my turn in each - back and forth...

Jenika however I wanted to treat special... I came over and told her it might hurt...
after all she was a virgin. she reluctantly pushed her ass in the air - I grabbed her ong hair and pulled her head backwards forcing her to arch her back.

I pulled harder and told her to spread her ass cheeks - after she did I told her to stay that way and ran to the kitched. I returned with a fudge stick ice cream bar and pulled her hair back again - forcing her to arch her back.

I took the old icecream pop and rubbed it against her asshole.
She screamed - squirmed ... but obeyed when I told her not to move.

I stated pushing the fudge pop deeper into her asshole and at the same time lined up my cock and began rubbing it against her pussy lips.

1, 2, 3 - like that I popped her little cherry - pushing in faster and faster as the fudge pop melted deep in her ass - she started getting into it - sadly the fudge pop was all gone - and I could not hold it anylonger - I came deep in that little pussh - and told her older sister to come over and lick out my cream.

She licked not only her sisters pussy but also her little asshome -

I introduced them to the cadbury bunny - and told Jenika - she is now my new diet treat...
I still call her my little bunny..

having 3 sisters as your own personal fuck sluts is an awesome experience - and will make for suem better stories as time permits

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